Go Eun Ah Talks About Physical Abuse By Former Agency Head

Go Eun Ah spoke about the abuse and invasion of privacy she dealt with at her former agency.

Recently, the actress’s brother Mir of MBLAQ shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he spoke with Go Eun Ah.

She shared that the head of her former agency had hit her in the head and backside with a baseball bat after thinking that she had gone to the movies with a man.

“There was a rumor going around the agency at the time that I was dating a senior actor,” she said. “After a filming shoot, I went with a female stylist to see a movie. However, someone gave my agency the wrong information and so the fact that I went to the movies with my stylist was misunderstood as me going with a man.”

Go Eun Ah explained that agency employees came to get her at the movie theater and took her phone. “The stylist that I went with ran away and left me,” she said.

The staff went through her bag and looked at her phone to see who she’d contacted. After finding her movie ticket, they also contacted the movie theater to find out how many tickets had been purchased on that order.

She went on to say that when she was sitting at a desk, the agency head took a baseball bat and hit her in the head. “I felt like my skull was breaking,” she said. “I basically was half passed out with my eyes open.”

Go Eun Ah said that she didn’t cry and just gritted her teeth, and they had her lie face down before they hit her in the backside with the baseball bat. Mir expressed his surprise at how they hadn’t even listened to her side of the story, and she confirmed they hadn’t asked her.

They then called in her mother, who kneeled down in the office, before they called her father and told him he’d have to pay a penalty for breach of her contract. After that, the agency head told her she should just “rest” for the remainder of her life and left, ignoring both her and her mother.

After that, the agency began to track her every move, and she was watched by the security guard at her apartment. “And when I came home after filming, I had to keep reporting to them,” she said. “I’d say, ‘I washed up,’ ‘I’m going to eat now,’ ‘I’m going to sleep now,’ ‘I’m lying down.’ And then in the middle of the night, my manager would ring my doorbell to see if I was really at home or not.”

Mir commented that he remembers how she had been very stressed and sensitive at the time.

Mir and Go Eun Ah assured viewers that this kind of treatment of celebrities no longer occurs, and that this happened many years ago. “It happened a long time ago and I got through it,” she said.

Go Eun Ah debuted as a commercial model in 2004 and appeared in films including “A Million” and “Sketch” as well as dramas such as “Golden Apple,” “Rainbow Romance,” and more.

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