Update: DAY6’s Jae Sings “LA TRAINS” As eaJ In New Video

Updated January 30 KST:

DAY6’s Jae released a new version of his song “LA TRAINS” via 88rising!

Jae recently featured in a teaser for “Singing Spaceships” released via 88rising.

Original Article: 

DAY6’s Jae has unveiled a short solo track!

On January 17, “LA TRAINS” was revealed on his YouTube channel as his first upload in over a year.

The self-written song is released as “eaJ,” which is his name written backwards.

In response to speculation of a potential solo debut, he clarified via Twitter, “This is just a personal project!”

Check out the lyrics and the song below:

I’m stuck in this moment
Cause it shines beautiful
So do these streetlights
And so do you
Wish we could stay here
Without so much as blinking
Keep you in my eyeline

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