Get Cool: 11 Stray Kids Songs To Add To Your Hype Playlist

Stray Kids definitely knows how to turn the world upside down! The group’s discography is full of real party bangers and upbeat songs that will hype you up in no time. If you want to get to know Stray Kids’s music better, this list is perfect for you! Get lost in their “Maze of Memories,” and find the hidden gems and songs that just speak to your soul! Headphones on, and let’s get this party started!


Fresh out of their latest album “Clé: LEVANTER,” the boys take us to a car race with their energetic track. The real strength of “Booster” is the powerful vocals of the members, while the high-energy instrumental makes sure we will enjoy the ride.

“Victory Song”

Right from the beginning, Stray Kids was known for their strong hip-hop dance songs, and if you liked “Hellevator and “District 9,” “Victory Song” won’t disappoint either. The song’s intensity is out of this world, and all Stray Kids rappers grab the opportunity to really shine on this track.


Named after a meaningful date in Stray Kids’s career, “0325” mixes elements of their intro songs from previous albums. More than that, the lyrics talk about their shared aspirations and goals and how their fans help them achieve their — now even bigger — dreams. The beautiful thoughts are paired with an upbeat sound, so it will definitely raise your motivation even on the dullest days.


Although the cheerful beat of the song will lift your spirits, the lyrics of this gem from their 2018 EP “I am WHO” are also worth your time! The boys talk about their fear of failure and making their own choices — something that we all can relate to. Paired with the funky beat, it’s really hard to get this song out of your head!


Don’t get mistaken by the first few seconds, this song dives into the electronic sound of Stray Kids that we all know so well! “Rock” is perfect if you are full of anger and want to get it out — the hard beat and the intense rap verses are here to get you away from your angry thoughts.


Let’s travel back in time for a couple of minutes with this early track of the boys! “YAYAYA” is everything we need on a hype playlist: it’s punchy, full of sass and little surprises, bold, and not something you would except from a pre-debut idol group. We sure love this brave and wild side of Stray Kids!


Moving away from the aggressive beats for a few minutes, “TMT” from ” Clé 2: Yellow Wood” will get you in a good mood with its uplifting rhythm. But don’t be fooled by the happy melody, the lyrics are actually about the struggles and worries of becoming adults and making decisions about the future. These boys just know how to write painfully relatable songs!


Stray Kids really brings us all to a boxing match in this song — even a ringing bell is added for the perfect effect! The catchy chorus can work as a boxing tutorial for all fans ready for an intense workout, and the rappers deliver perfect verses on the track, as always.


All Stray Kids members are confident as hell in this hip-hop track! But don’t think “N/S” won’t get stuck in your head just because they are not focusing on the vocals! There is just something lovable about the catchy beat, the funky lyrics repeated all over the song, and the members having fun with their lines.


Stray Kids is here to bring back all your emo days! “Awaken” is from their debut album “I am NOT,” and brings out the rock vibes of the boys! The fierce electric guitar supports the lyrics that talk about not knowing who we are. Finding our place in the world has never been easy, and the members know how to talk about these problems on this hit!


With aggressive lyrics and an intense beat, “Grrr” is without a doubt the best way to end our playlist! The lyrics and the song describe the mood-swings of teenagers, and this is also truly relatable for all of us! If your anxious thoughts are bringing you down, Stray Kids will be by your side and help you fight these demons.

Stays! What are your favorite upbeat Stray Kids songs? Tell us in the comments below!

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