8 K-Pop Expectation Vs. Reality Moments That Prove Stars Are Just Like Us

Sometimes our expectations just don’t fit the reality — but that doesn’t always mean disappointment! As these stars prove, a reality that’s a little (or a lot) different from the expectation can be cute, wild, or just plain hilarious. These idols prove that no one’s really perfect (not even celebrities), but they can make the best out of even the silliest situations. Without further ado, here are eight moments where K-pop idols found expectation different than reality!

1. GOT7’s Jinyoung and Jackson reenacting “Descendants of the Sun”

This scene from the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun” is a big turning point for the leading couple, and it’s a pretty dramatic moment. Jackson didn’t seem to get the message, though! While fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung is fully committed to the intensity of the scene, Jackson holds nothing back and says exactly what’s on his mind (much to the other members’ amusement). Who needs a script anyways right?

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2. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo filming “Stay”

“Stay” is one of BLACKPINK’s slower love ballads, and the music video is every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the song itself. The combination of Jisoo’s stunning visuals and clear vocals means that her scene on the swing is a pure and peaceful moment — at least on camera! The behind-the-scenes footage shows that Jisoo was interrupted by a piece of flying cardboard, but she managed to take the incident in stride. A true professional!

3. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Seungkwan perform “Home”

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Seungkwan were definitely put on the spot on the set of “Running Man,” when they were asked to perform their song “Home” entirely acapella. They had to try and recreate the EDM part of the chorus with no backing track, which led to this spectacularly funny performance video. They managed to keep their cool even as their teammates were cracking up — viral content for sure, just maybe not for the reasons they were expecting!

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4. TWICE’s recreation of their jump rope commercial

TWICE featured in a Japanese commercial with a fairly complicated jump rope routine, and they look completely at ease — as if double dutch is something they do every day. However, their performance on “Idol Room” showed that appearances can be deceiving! Turns out that it’s a lot harder than it looks, but eventually their efforts pay off and with the help of a little editing magic they get it in the end. Persistence (and cuteness) is key!

5. NCT’s Mark tries to make eggs

NCT’s Mark is well-known for being a great rapper and all-around talented performer, but he’s also rather notorious for frequently butchering one of cooking’s simplest dishes: fried eggs. So much so, in fact, that Gordon Ramsay even roasted him over it when a fan sent a picture on Twitter. If you’re expecting a pretty breakfast, Mark may not be the right person to ask — but you gotta love him anyways!

6. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa filming “Hip”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is a queen if there ever was one, and her performances are always as fierce as they come. Knowing that, it might come as a bit of a surprise to see her playing cutely with a little girl on the set of their music video “Hip” in-between takes! Her on-camera persona may come with a sharp and sassy expectation, but her true sweet personality really shines too.

7. BTS’s RM filming “Mic Drop”

BTS’s music video for the Steve Aoki remix of their hit song “Mic Drop” is chock full of awesome sets and scenes. With fly wires, burning cars, and explosions, it’s almost like watching an action movie! But not everything was as cool as it seemed, and the behind-the-scenes video contains tons of hilarious bloopers — including this one where BTS’s leader RM tried and failed (and failed, and failed) to push open the doors of an ambulance for his entrance. He got it in the end, though, and the final cut is just as amazing as you’d expect from global superstars like BTS.

8. DreamCatcher’s dance cover of BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”

Girl group DreamCatcher slayed this cover of BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” again and again, showing off their powerful stage presence and killer moves. But not every performance is the same, and this one for HeyoTV wasn’t quite what they were expecting. The music starts before they’re ready, and it’s all craziness from there! They’re happy to go with the flow, though, and they giggle their way through any mistakes. Definitely a different vibe from the original song, but fun nonetheless!

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