Lee Do Hyun Talks About His Embarrassing First Day For “Hotel Del Luna,” Goals For 2020, And More

Actor Lee Do Hyun recently featured in a pictorial for Esquire magazine. In the accompanying interview, the actor talked about his acting style, his role in “Hotel Del Luna,” his goal for 2020, and more.

When the interviewer commented that he seems very mature and serious during official events, but was actually very carefree on set at the photo shoot, Lee Do Hyun laughed and said, “It’s true. I think I have a lot of different sides to me. But to say that I seem adult-like… I still have to mature a lot. But I don’t want to seem too young, so I find myself imitating other people’s way of speaking, and because of that, I think I’ve developed some different sides to myself.”

Talking more about how he is when filming a project, Lee Do Hyun explained that he trusts the director no matter what. He said, “When filming, I generally don’t watch what was filmed. If the director says ‘okay,’ then it’s okay for me, too. The same goes with today’s photo shoot. If the photographer tells me to lean my body back, then I’m going to trust them and just do it. And in an interview, you just trust the reporter. I think it’s important to trust others.”

Lee Do Hyun continued describing his acting style. “There are some actors who completely transform when they start shooting, and there are others who stay in character even off camera. I’m the latter.” Referring to shooting the Netflix drama “Sweet Home,” Lee Do Hyun said, “I did my best not to speak much while on set. Even though it’s important to get to know your seniors and fellow actors…”

Because he tends to stay in character, the interviewer commented that it must be hard for him to fall out of a role, especially his role as Go Chung Myung in “Hotel Del Luna.” Lee Do Hyun said, “That’s right. I kept thinking about it even after it was over, and there were lines that I couldn’t forget… It wasn’t easy. I still call IU noona Man Wol. And she’s saved as Man Wol in my contacts. Strangely, it’s more comfortable.”

Lee Do Hyun revealed that Go Chung Myung from “Hotel Del Luna” is his most prized role so far. “So many people loved the character, and I also really like the character as well. And it was really hard while playing the character, including speaking in the sageuk tone. The director said to me on my first day, ‘Why are you acting like that? You didn’t do it that way during the audition.’ My first scene was filmed about 10 times. It was the first day I met IU noona on set, and it was under a scorching hot sun… I can’t forget the embarrassment and shame of that day.”

He added, “Thankfully, we ended up redoing the scene on another day at another location. Before that, I talked with the director and Man Wol noona a lot to correct my tone.”

Lee Do Hyun also shared an old experience in which he broke up with his girlfriend in order to better portray a role. He said, “The character I was playing was someone who lost the girl they love. So I told my girlfriend we should break up, so I could play the role. I really don’t know why I did that… I was about 21 or 22. Of course my girlfriend didn’t understand. She asked me if I was crazy. But at the time, acting came first for me. But also, that production failed. Anyway, after experiencing things like that, I think I’ve grown a lot.”

Asked how he wants to spend 2020, he said, “I want it to be a year when only I am working.” He explained, “It’s been a long time since both my parents have been working, and my younger brother is disabled.” He said he asked his mom why she continues to work delivering newspapers, and she replied that they have debt, after which Lee Do Hyun told her he would repay it all in 2020. “At least I hope to,” said the actor. “I would really like it if in 2020, my mom, dad, and Dong Hyuk could all rest from working and live off of what I earn. That way, I will have peace of mind when I have to enlist in the army.”

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