Cho Seung Youn Talks About Upcoming Plans + Keeping In Touch With Lee Han Gyul And Nam Do Hyon, And More

On January 22, Cho Seung Youn chatted with his fans via a V Live titled “Hello, it’s Cho Woodz.”

His broadcast started at 6 p.m. KST, and fans pointed out that his fellow former X1 members Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon were scheduled to start their own V Live broadcast at 7 p.m. KST. “That’s true,” said Cho Seung Youn. “Somehow it’s ended up that I’m doing this at 6 and then right after Han Gyul and Do Hyon will be on.”

Cho Seung Youn talked about meeting with Lee Han Gyul recently. “I met Han Gyul and we drank coffee and talked,” he said. “Do Hyon had to sleep then. I called him later. I’ll go see him soon.” When asked to share a story about Nam Do Hyon, Cho Seung Youn said, “Do Hyon told me ‘I miss you’ so I said, ‘I miss you too.'”

In regards to a promise for reaching 100 million hearts, Cho Seung Youn said cautiously, “I’m making some preparations, but I’ll just tell you what I know so far.” He added that he’ll first be sharing his guide song via YouTube.

After that, he made an announcement. “I’m planning to open an official fan cafe soon,” he said. “There will be a small event too. It will be a fun thing that you and I can do together. Please look forward to it and show it a lot of love.”

In regard to a possible fan meeting in the future, Cho Seung Youn said, “Please wait just a bit more.”

When fans asked him for hints about his event, Cho Seung Youn shared, “I’m working on a song, and I thought it would be great if I could work on it together with you. So when I open the fan cafe soon, I’m going to accept lyrics submissions, and then I’ll record myself singing the lyrics you wrote.”

He joked about what they could do about sharing the writing credits before suggesting, “I’m thinking that if you could give up the copyright to the lyrics and write your name or nickname when you post your comment, then I’ll write your name in the ‘Thanks To’ section.”

Cho Seung Youn shared that the song’s name is “Revolving Lantern,” a term often used when people see memories flash before their eyes. He asked fans to share all their thoughts about the term for the lyrics.

When asked why he chose this title, he said, “I wanted to make this kind of song at some point. I received a good song and I’m working on it now.” He explained, “I think that it’s necessary to have this time to look back, so I gave it this title.”

Cho Seung Youn wrapped up by saying, “Thank you for watching.” He commented, “I’m happy to be meeting you again for the first time in a while, and I’ll keep communicating with you so I hope we see each other a lot.” He also added, “I hope you enjoy Han Gyul and Do Hyon’s V Live that’s happening soon.”

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