17 Korean Songs To Add To Your Sleepless Night Playlist

There’s nothing worse than to lie awake in bed, tossing and turning for hours and hours. Only to hear the familiar hellish sound of your alarm, which means it’s time to get up and start your day.

Next time you’re having trouble slipping into the land of dreams, make sure you give these songs a listen, and let yourself drift away.

1. Epik High – “Lullaby for a Cat”

As the name suggests, this chilled track is the perfect lullaby. Even if you’re not a cute kitty, you’ll be catching plenty of z’s in no time.

2. Jooyoung (featuring pH-1) – “Prada”

The almost wavy beat of this song will carry you to sleep for sure. Jooyoung’s perfect voice is offset by pH-1’s cool rapping, creating the best blend of chill.

3. Crush – “None”

How could we not have Crush included in this list. His voice is the stuff of dreams! There are so many songs of his that could have been included in this list, but “None” has that repetitive, almost heartbeat-like beat and effortless vocals that make this song great for those twilight hours.

4. Taeyeon – “Blue”

If you’re feeling a little lonely or blue, make sure to give this one a listen during the cold nights. The emotion in Taeyeon’s voice captures the emptiness that comes with being alone and missing someone.

5. HYUKOH – “Mer”

“Mer” will make you float into a sleepy dimension, filled with beautiful imagery of waves and wonder. The beautiful lyrics rise and swell just like the ocean, and will softly carry you to sleep in no time.

6. Seohyun – “Magic”

Seohyun’s sensual voice will have you in a trance from the first note of “Magic.” You’ll be under a sleep spell before you know it!

7. IU – “Through the Night”

IU could sing me to sleep every night with her angelic voice. “Through the Night” gives off that cozy, comforting vibe that is so needed when insomnia strikes.

8. Jonghyun – “Diphylleia Grayi”

This melancholy piece is absolutely, wonderfully sombre. Jonghyun’s pure, impeccable voice will resonate with you and completely consume you in a blanket of awe.

9. EXID’s LE – “Velvet”

This song will hit your ears as soft as velvet. LE’s soft rapping gives this track a silky ambiance that will immerse you in a serene current of relaxation.

10. Red Velvet – “One of These Nights (Piano Version)”

You’ve most likely heard the original version of “One of These Nights,” but this piano version is just as beautiful. The tinkling keys and Red Velvet’s ethereal vocals are the most sublime combo!

11. Taemin – “Back to You”

Taemin may be known for his dance moves, but his vocals are not to be underestimated! “Back to You” showcases another side of Taemin’s abilities, and his passionate voice will echo through the night.

12. BTS’s RM – “Reflection”

RM’s solo song on “Wings” will perfectly reflect all those late night emotions and thoughts running through your head. If you want to get all up in your feelings and start contemplating life, “Reflection” is the song for you!

13. OOHYO – “Other Side of Town”

OOHYO has that unique style of music where once you start listening, you can’t stop. “Other Side of Town” has such heartfelt, raw lyrics that everyone can relate to it, and the soft melody will help you unwind.

14. ATEEZ – “Light”

ATEEZ may have some amazing dance anthems, but “Light” is so calming and delicate. You can totally unwind and let stress slip away. Sleep will be with you soon!

15. EXO – “She’s Dreaming”

You’ll be dreaming soon if you listen to this EXO tune! The serenity will wash over you with each dreamy chorus.

16. Code Kunst (Feat Lee Hi) – “XI”

This slow jam will make you feel like you’re floating in the night sky with the stars. Lee Hi’s extraordinary voice really lifts this song from good to out-of-this-world. Be sure to give it a listen!

17. Sam Kim – “Sunny Days, Summer Nights”

Sam Kim’s voice is so smooth, it melts on your ears like warm honey. His music is always amazingly beautiful, and this track is no exception. You’ll be remembering those warm summer evenings and totally unwind.

Which song is your favorite when you can’t sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

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