Jeon Sung Woo And Ahn Eun Jin Test Out Their Video Game Relationship In Real Life In “War Of Prosecutors”

The potential for a digital relationship in the real world will be tested in “War of Prosecutors”!

In the drama, viewers were surprised when pokerfaced office administrator Sung Mi Ran (played by Ahn Eun Jin) revealed herself as “Camillus the Great,” the top player of a computer game enjoyed by Kim Jung Woo (played by Jeon Sung Woo).

Last week, Kim Jung Woo was conned of items in the online game. He was not only the first prosecutor to file a complaint about his own case, but also engaged in a petty, loud argument with the suspect in the face-to-face investigations. This led to summoning the game’s top player “Camillus the Great,” and Sung Mi Ran surprised everyone by revealing her online identity and sitting in the witness chair.

Once she sat down, Sung Mi Ran slowly raised her hand where she proudly wore the ring of the “Supreme Being.” Recognizing the ring, Kim Jung Woo was astonished and immediately got on his knees in front of her. Hilarity ensued as the drama turned into a scene in a video game where Sung Mi Ran and Kim Jung Woo transformed into video game characters.

A question mark has now arose in the relationship between Kim Jung Woo and Sung Mi Ran. Her behavior and constant observation of Kim Jung Woo had some viewers speculating if she had feelings for her co-worker. Her latest identity reveal, however, has changed her storyline.

Kim Jung Woo previously said, “There are only three people I admire in this world: General Lee Soon Shin, my father, and Camillus the Great,” and showed his overprotective side for Sung Mi Ran. When Jo Min Ho (played by Lee Sung Jae) asked if this was a display of love, Kim Jung Woo replied, “It’s devotion.” Viewers are now left wondering how their online relationship as king and loyal subject will play out in the office.

A source from the drama said, “Mi Ran’s secret identity was revealed. Jung Woo and Mi Ran’s cute chemistry will continue to appear. Please look forward to the drama until the end to see if their relationship will just remain in the game or if it can progress in real life.”

“War of Prosecutors” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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