Watch: Gary And His Son Show Off Their Special Bond In Adorable Preview For “The Return Of Superman”

Gary is making his highly anticipated return to TV!

On January 26, “The Return of Superman” aired a preview of Gary and his son, who will appear as the show’s newest cast members starting next week.

In the clip, Gary’s 26-month-old son Hao starts his morning by shouting “KBS” and waking up his dad. He then heads to the living room to say hello to the cameramen filming inside of tents.

He curiously asks about the camera director’s name and age, before surprising everyone by correctly identifying a piece of equipment as a camera holder. The staff members whisper amongst themselves about how smart Hao is, and the preview continues by showing more of his impressive skills.

Sitting in a chair next to his dad, Hao introduces himself to the audience during an interview. When a staff member asks, “What’s your dad’s name?” Hao replies, “Kang Hee Geon!” Gary reacts with surprise that his son still remembered his full name before introducing himself to viewers.

Hao showcased his amazing linguistic skills by naming the specific brands of clothing he wants to wear. He says he wants to wear Adidas shoes, tells his dad to wear Vans shoes, and repeatedly insists he wants to wear clothes from North Face.

Taking after his father, Hao also shows his love for music by strumming the guitar and singing. Even after bursting into tears at hearing his mother’s voice over the phone, he quells his emotions by singing Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You.”

The clip concludes with Gary opening up about his thoughts on joining the show. “It’s been a little over three years [since I’ve been on TV],” says the rapper and TV personality. “I got away from it all and contemplated a lot.”

Check out the preview below:

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