HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk Enlists In The Military

HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk has enlisted in the military!

On January 28, Star Crew Entertainment released an official statement via HOTSHOT’s official fan cafe as follows:

Hello, this is Star Crew Entertainment.

HOTSHOT’s leader Junhyuk has joined the military on January 28, 2020.

He wished to quietly say farewell to his family and enter the military, so we did not announce the date, location, and time of his enlistment, but he joined the military as an active member today. We hope you understand that no formal schedule was carried out.

Please support our artist Junhyuk who will faithfully carry out his military duties and come back more mature.

Junhyuk also wrote a letter to his fans. Here is the full letter:

Hello, HOTPLE (HOTSHOT’s fandom name)! This is Junhyuk!

The weather is cold. Are you keeping warm?

Did you catch a cold? You must be careful of the cold.

I think it’s been a while since I wrote a letter, and today, I’m going to be telling HOTPLE something different.

It’s sudden news, so I’m really sorry…but I’m enlisting in the military!

I feel very bad that I won’t be able to see you before I go.

I will be healthy and strong, so I hope all of you will be healthy and happy as well.

I am nervous because of the enlistment, but I will go while thinking of my happy memories with you.

Don’t worry too much and continue to be happy as you are now.

I will always support you and be grateful to you. And I love you!

Wishing Junhyuk a safe service!

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