Update: KARD Shares Behind-The-Scenes Of Comeback Preparations For

Updated February 12 KST: 

KARD has shared a behind-the-scenes video from their photo shoot for their upcoming comeback “Red Moon!”

Check it out below:

Updated February 11 KST:

KARD shared a new MV teaser for “Red Moon”!

Updated February 10 KST:

KARD has dropped a stunning new music video teaser for “Red Moon”!

Check it out below:

Updated February 9 KST:

BM is the next KARD member to feature in a concept video for the group’s comeback with “Red Moon”!

Updated February 9 KST:

KARD has released Jiwoo’s concept video for “Red Moon”!

Updated February 8 KST:

KARD shared a key point dance teaser for their “Red Moon” choreography!

Updated February 7 KST:

A concept video of J.seph has been released for KARD’s “RED MOON”!

Updated February 7 KST:

KARD shared Somin’s concept video for “RED MOON”!

Updated February 6 KST:

KARD released a highlight medley for “RED MOON”!

Updated February 5 KST:

KARD shared lyric teasers for their return with “RED MOON.” Check them out below!

“Like a red sun glowing in a deep darkness.” 

“Although we never imagined we’d become enemies.”

“All eyes are on me, while your spirit crumbles.” 

“I wanted to send you off well, since it’s the last time, but.”

The group also shared a fan chant video, with only them getting to hear the song!

Updated February 4 KST:

KARD released a new set of photos for “RED MOON”!

Updated February 3 KST:

KARD is back with a stunning new set of concept photos and behind-the-scenes clips for their upcoming comeback with “RED MOON”!

Updated February 2 KST:

KARD has unveiled their first set of concept photos—as well as some behind-the-scenes clips—for their upcoming comeback with “RED MOON”!


Updated February 1 KST:

KARD shared a schedule for their “RED MOON” comeback!

Original Article:

KARD is joining the February comeback rush!

The group will be returning on February 12 with their fourth mini album “RED MOON.”

The co-ed group most recently released “Dumb Litty” last September.

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