Watch: The Boyz Bring New Energy To Their First “Immortal Songs” Performance

The Boyz has made their first appearance on KBS’s “Immortal Songs!”

The February 1 episode of “Immortal Songs” featured the songs of Ha Choon Hwa & Hyun Chul and performances by Choi Jung Won, Hyun Jin Young, Kim Kyung Ho, Kwak Dong Hyun, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Mi Ae, Choi Ye Geun, U.Ji, and The Boyz.

During the interview segment, The Boyz talked about being grateful for their fans on their Europe tour and their surprise and delight at their global popularity. Ju Haknyeon also shared that he was honored to be on “Immortal Songs” with such amazing senior artists, particularly as he was a huge fan of Kim Kyung Ho.

The Boyz covered Ha Choon Hwa’s “Arirang Mokdong,” the chorus of which is often played during sporting events. The song was originally written by the late Park Choon Suk, but many artists, including Ha Choon Hwa, have remade it over the years.

Check out The Boyz’s performance below!


At the end of the episode, musical actor Min Woo Hyuk beat out the other artists to take the final win on the show.

Check out “Immortal Songs” below!

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