Watch: EXO’s Suho And Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sing Songs From Their Musical + Attempt To Guess SEVENTEEN Lyrics

EXO’s Suho and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun had a blast on “Amazing Saturday”!

The two SM Entertainment labelmates, who are currently both starring in the musical “The Man Who Laughs,” appeared as guests on the February 1 broadcast of the tvN variety show.

Kyuhyun kicked off the episode by singing a song from the musical before introducing himself as character Gwynplaine. Following Kyuhyun’s lead, Suho also began with a song but burst into laughter before greeting viewers.

During the famous quiz segment of “Amazing Saturday,” the cast members and guests have to guess the lyrics to a part of a song after listening to a brief clip. When asked about his listening skills, Suho answered, “I don’t think my hearing is that good, but my sense of smell is really good. I can identify who someone is by their smell, and I can also tell who was sitting in the seat before me.”

This week’s song was SEVENTEEN’s 2017 track “Clap.” The cast had difficulty with the group’s songs in the past, and they reacted with mixed emotions when they heard they’d be guessing the lyrics to a SEVENTEEN song once again. However, when he heard the title, Suho smiled and confidently stated, “I know this song well.” Kyuhyun, on the other hand, remarked, “I was in the military [when the song came out].”

Everyone jammed out to the song’s chorus before listening to the part for which they had to guess the lyrics. The cast and guests wrote down their best guesses and reviewed their answers with one another.

The staff then showed the face of the person who got the most letters correct, and Suho’s face was revealed on the screen, surprising everyone including himself. “As expected of our leader,” commented the cast.

Later on, in order to win snacks, the cast and guests played a game in which they listened to a computer-generated voice read lyrics out loud and tried to guess the song title.

After hearing the lyrics, Kyuhyun began laughing and waving his arms around in frustration. Suho raised his hand and guessed, “ITZY‘s ‘DALLA,'” and was surprised when the host said he was wrong. Park Na Rae then took the chance to reply, “ITZY’s ‘DALLA DALLA.'” However, Boom surprised her by asking her the Korean spelling for ITZY’s name, and the comedienne responded incorrectly.

In the end, Shin Dong Yup won the snack by correctly answering the group name, spelling, and song title.

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