Kim Woo Bin Leaves Agency Of 8 Years

Kim Woo Bin has parted ways with SidusHQ.

It was reported back in December that the actor will be leaving, but the agency commented at the time that nothing had been decided yet.

On February 3, the agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is SidusHQ.

This is an official statement regarding the expiration of Kim Woo Bin’s contract.

After long discussion with actor Kim Woo Bin, who we have been with for the past eight years, we came to the mutual agreement to end his management duties in December of last year.

We thank the fans who give generous love to Kim Woo Bin, and we hope you will continue to show unchanging interest and support for him.

We sincerely wish for the bright and healthy future of Kim Woo Bin, who is a good actor and a good person.

Thank you.

Kim Woo Bin first signed with SidusHQ in early 2012.

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