Super Junior Talks About Working With Zico, Promoting Alongside Junior Artists, And More

Super Junior was interviewed by Sports Seoul after winning a Bonsang (main award) at the 29th Seoul Music Awards, and they talked about their new album and more!

Super Junior has a long-running history with the awards show, with the group winning the rookie award in 2006 at the 16th SMA, as well as a Daesang (grand prize) in 2012 at the 21st SMA and multiple other awards throughout their career. Once again, member Kim Heechul was also an MC for this year’s event.

The members spoke about their history, with Eunhyuk sharing, “We’ve attended since it was held at an actual ski resort. We were in our twenties. It’s emotional and brings back memories seeing it being held at the Gocheok Sky Dome with so many fans who love K-pop.” Siwon added, “We received the Daesang in 2012 which is the most memorable because it was the first award we won after my grandmothers both passed away.”

At the award show, Super Junior performed their newest title track “2YA2YAO!” off their repackaged ninth album “TIMELESS” for the very first time. The song is produced by Zico and is the group’s first venture into hip hop. They spoke about working with Zico, with Siwon saying, “It was incredibly interesting to work with Zico who has received recognition for his skills as an artist and receives love from so many people. A lot of our fans were looking forward to us trying a new genre so I think it was a good opportunity to show a good side of ourselves. I am very happy and nervous.”

Eunhyuk chimed in, “Super Junior is also a fan of Zico. Since he is our junior and an artist we respect, it was a fun and new experience to work with Zico. I hope many people like it.”

Last year, Super Junior completed their mandatory military service with youngest member Kyuhyun‘s discharge. Kyuhyun shared, “Even though I went to see performances when I was in the military, it’s freeing to promote and perform as a group now that all the members have completed their service. Since we’ve known each other for so long, we are so familiar with one another and I enjoy promoting while keeping up the pace with all the members.”

Veteran group Super Junior is now in their 16th year of promotions according to the Korean system of counting career years (the group debuted in November 2005). Eunhyuk commented, “Since we are not making a comeback after taking a long rest and have kept promoting, rather than being at a certain level, I think we’ve become the ‘oldest brother.’ To be honest, I don’t feel that way physically though.”

Yesung added, “We talk about how it would have been difficult if we’d a senior artist in their 16th year like us when we debuted.” Eunhyuk continued, “That’s why we are more curious. We wonder how junior artists feel when they see us and whether they find us difficult [to approach]. We honestly hope they would not find us difficult and approach us comfortably, but we are curious.”

When asked what their new goal is, Siwon answered, “It’s important to promote healthily with no big problems.” Eunhyuk also shared, “Health is an important issue for us. After completing our military service and trying something new with hip hop and ‘2YA2YAO!,’ we want to try many new things both musically and beyond. This year we will work hard to try many new things to show our fans. Please look forward to it.”

Lastly, the group shared their gratitude towards their fans, E.L.F. Eunhyuk shared, “We’ve become singers in their 16th year. When I look back, this has not been a short period of time and a lot of things have happened but we were able to stay strong and make it all the way here thanks to our fans who have eagerly supported us right by our side.” He continued, “I have nothing to say other than that I am so thankful. Just like our latest album is titled ‘TIMELESS,’ I hope we can create an infinite time where we can be with E.L.F.”

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