“Crash Landing On You” Actor Lee Shin Young’s Agency Responds To Rumors Of Past Bullying

Lee Shin Young’s agency has responded to reports of school bullying.

Online posts recently claimed that the actor was an infamous perpetrator of school violence. One source said, “I’m going to only share what I saw for sure. He kicked his classmate three times during break in the first year of middle school just because he stared at him. Then he gathered his close friends and verbally abused him.”

In response, his agency Forest Entertainment issued the following official statement:

This is actor Lee Shin Young’s agency, Forest Entertainment.

We would like to comment on some of the posts about actor Lee Shin Young on the online anonymous community.

As his agency, we checked the content of what was written on the anonymous community with people including his family and friends to find out the exact situation.

As a result of our confirmation, he has never been involved in anything related to the content written on the anonymous community. However, if anyone was hurt by reckless words and actions in middle school, he would like to apologize to them.

We would also like to relay apologies to the senior actors and production crew who are working hard in the cold for the drama [who are affected by] our actor’s behavior during his immature days..

In addition, please refrain from malicious slander and spreading of false information. We would like to announce that we will take legal action for all spreading of false information. Once again, we apologize to those who were affected.

Following the response, two of the individuals who made the claims posted apologies.

One wrote, “I just saw the situation while passing by, so I didn’t know for sure. A lot of time has passed, so I also don’t remember completely. Thinking back on my memory, I think Shin Young wasn’t there. I may have seen incorrectly because of someone who was of a similar height and size as Shin Young.” The individual continued, “The assault case also, I think I mistakenly thought Shin Young had hit because I didn’t see carefully when they were conversing. I also don’t remember this well because it was a long time ago, so my memory has been distorted. I am very sorry to Shin Young for causing a misunderstanding and harm to him due to a post about something I wasn’t sure about, and I feel regretful.”

The second individual wrote, “I was friends with Shin Young in my first year of middle school. We did not have a major fight outside, but we argued a bit over the phone. The next day, we had a bit of a fist fight at school. That is all, and it was resolved well without any major incidents. I don’t have any hard feelings about this.”

Lee Shin Young is currently starring in tvN’s “Crash Landing on You.”

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