Jung Yu Mi Writes Letter To Fans After News Of Relationship With Kangta

Actress Jung Yu Mi shared her thoughts after the news was shared that she is dating H.O.T’s Kangta.

On February 4, their agencies both confirmed that they are currently in a relationship. Jung Yu Mi later took to Instagram to write the following:

Hello, this is Jung Yu Mi.

I’m writing this to speak directly to those who must have been surprised by the news today, including the people around me and the people who support me.

Recently, I carefully started seriously meeting with someone who has been a good friend and senior to me. Since I thought carefully before beginning to open my heart, I think directly conveying my feelings to you, even just through this post, is the right thing to do.

I was cautious and worried about my personal relationship, rather than just my work, being officially shared in the news, but I didn’t want to deny something that was my decision and choice. Also, while on the one hand it’s a very difficult and scary thing for me too to be starting to date someone publicly, on the other hand I’m looking forward a bit with the small hope that maybe there could be better days ahead.

I wanted to tell you that I always feel so grateful for the many people who always support me. I’m so sincerely grateful.

To all of you who are my precious people, I hope that today is a day where you’re able to smile without any pain. That’s all for now.

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