Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon Reveals A Shocking Secret He Kept For 11 Years

Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon dropped a bombshell on the industry with a shocking confession.

On February 5, Lee Jae Hoon posted a letter on his fan cafe with the confession, “I’ve something I’ve been hiding from everyone. In 2009 I married my girlfriend. In 2010 we had a daughter, and in 2013, we had a son.”

Lee Jae Hoon stated that the reason he was coming out with his secret now, after hiding it for 11 years, was, “I know that there are people who will be disappointed and confused in me only revealing this now, and to all of them, I can only give my sincerest of apologies.”

Lee Jae Hoon’s full letter reads as follows:

To all of my family, hello.

Hmm… It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded any content to this fan cafe. All of the words I planned to say have left me now… my apologies, my gratitudes… I’m overcome with different emotions.

Today I have a confession about a truth I’ve been hiding from everyone.

My feelings of guilt have stopped me from getting closer with you, everyone who has given me so much affection over these many years. I know that there are people who will be disappointed and confused in me only revealing this now, and to all of them, I can only give my sincerest of apologies.

Before I was a singer who was beloved by the public, I wanted to be a man who anyone could say lived well, and lived proudly. Since I became a celebrity at a young age, I have always lived in the public eye, and I’ve gotten into the messy stage where it’s difficult to tell which things I should share with the public, and which things should be kept private.

Then I met someone whom I fell in love with, and I hesitated. Then it became that I couldn’t bear the thought of living without this person. Although it wasn’t my intention to hide this from everyone, as time went on I felt increasingly apologetic to everyone. I was in a place that I enjoyed, and this person was someone I wanted to create a future together with. They were someone who understood and was considerate of my special circumstances, and shared everything with me, including the good times and the bad. They were a precious person to me, who often prayed for me.

If it were normal circumstances, I would love to have been able to share the news with everyone that I’d met a person I would share my future with, but I couldn’t do that. I can’t count the number of times I planned to share that I’d had a child, but as my wife was a regular person, the interest (that news would garner) would become burdensome to her and her family. We had a very small wedding with only our closest relatives. Since then, I’ve become the father of two children, but I wasn’t able to share anything of this news with the world until today.

In order to protect my wife and children from harm I’d made this decision, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that this decision was more harmful to them in the end, and so I make this confession to you all today. I have made the decision to live my life as a proud father and husband. These sort of thoughts have flooded over me.

If I’d been truthful with everyone from the beginning, I have no doubt that everyone would be congratulatory toward myself and my family… I’m so very sorry. Right now, my family is living abroad. We have only received the blessings of a few people, but I would like thank my wife for her unwavering understanding and concessions to me. I hope that my wife is the person who is happiest by me making this confession. I will carefully ask everyone for their support and love, even as I get down and bow before you all with my sincerest apologies.

February 2020.

This has been the confession of Lee Jae Hoon, a man who has for ten long years not been able to live proudly and only hesitated.

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