More Concerts And Events Postponed + Music Shows Held Without Audiences Due To Coronavirus

As further cases of coronavirus are confirmed, more events both within Korea and abroad have been postponed, while all music shows this week will be held without audiences.

iKON has announced that due to the coronavirus, the February 8 fan signing event to celebrate the release of the group’s mini album “i DECIDE” has been tentatively postponed.

V.O.S’s concert planned for February 15 in Jinju has been postponed to May 23 and their concert in Yeosu on March 14 has been postponed to May 30. Their shows on March 21 in Gyeongju and March 28 in Sokcho have been tentatively postponed.

A.C.E’s encore concert “UNDER COVER: AREA KOREA” planned for February 14 and 15 is tentatively postponed, as well as their February 16 event for fan club members to celebrate their 1000th day. In addition, their Macau concert and Japanese fan meeting in March have been postponed.

GOT7 has also postponed their February 29 concert in Macau, following postponement of their Singapore and Bangkok concerts.

Younha announced that her February 8 fan meeting has been canceled, due to the recent spread of coronavirus and influenza B.

Music shows over the next week will be held without a live audience, including “M Countdown” on February 6, “Music Bank” on February 7, “Music Core” on February 8, “Inkigayo” on February 9, “The Show” on February 11.

In addition, TWICE has released the following English statement asking fans not to gather at airports in light of the virus:

Greetings from JYPE.

Currently, many actions are being taken due to new virus such as cancellation or change of events with crowd of certain size or more.

Due to the characteristics of this virus, such actions seem to be the most needed plan for the safety of all, and we are also carefully looking at all related situations and preparing actions for the safety of artists and fans.

With regard to such issues, until it is settled down, we gently ask you to avoid all situations of gathering at the airports for the artists’ arrivals and departures as much as possible for safety of all.

Even with many situations, to keep the schedule promised with fans, for appropriate response to such situations, active cooperation from the fans is crucial.

Recently, characteristics of this virus and response plan are shared in detail through media, so considering these, please avoid the situation of gathering at airports until it is settled down.

We ask for your understanding again that these are actions for all of the artists and fans.

Thank you.

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