Ra Mi Ran, Seo Hyun Jin, And Other Cast Members Bid Farewell To “Black Dog”

The cast of tvN’s “Black Dog,” which aired its final episode on February 4, all bid the drama a fond farewell.

“Black Dog” is a realistic drama about the struggle of an ordinary short-term teacher in the cutthroat world of education. Seo Hyun Jin stars as Go Ha Neul, the short-term teacher who works hard to help her students and earn a full-time position.

Seo Hyun Jin said, “We filmed for about six months. I started out with the hope that it would be a good drama. I am so grateful to everyone who watched it and now I hope that it will be a drama that lasts in people’s memories and they can rewatch it again and again. Thank you for watching.”

Ra Mi Ran, who played the head of the career counseling department Park Sung Soon, said, “As the students of Daechi High School graduated and a new semester began, our directors, writers, cast, and crew all worked hard. We worked to provide comfort and laughs by telling stories that anyone around us could relate to. If we succeeded in delivering that message to viewers, then I need nothing else to be happy. We have one day left before the finale, so I would like to cheer on the educators until the very end. I am cheering on all the teachers, students, and everyone else who supports them!”

Ha Jun, who played the ace teacher Do Yeon Woo, said, “I was able to receive comfort from the reactions of the viewers, who said that they felt comforted by ‘Black Dog’ and that they could relate to it. I am proud of the hard work I put into filming and I think it will be a meaningful time to look back on. I am sincerely thankful to the viewers and all the staff members who worked on the production. I won’t forget these feelings of gratitude and work hard to become a better actor.”

Lee Chang Hoon, who played the biology teacher Bae Myung Soo, said, “I spent 7-8 months with my colleagues as if they were family, so I can’t really believe this is the end. I think that I will miss them a lot after it’s over and this will remain as a good memory for a long time. ‘Black Dog’ was a project and a story that will give me strength in my future acting career. I hope that it will remain a precious story and drama for everyone else as well.”

Im Hyun Sung, who played the school’s administrative director Yoo Jae Ho, said, “The moments I spent filming ‘Black Dog’ were exciting and precious. I will treasure these times in my heart. Thank you to the actors I spent so much time with, along with the directors, writers, and staff who helped with filming. Thank you very much to the viewers who loved ‘Black Dog’ and I will work hard to show an even better image of myself going forward.”

Ahn Sang Eun, who played Jang Hee Soo, a short-term teacher who got her job through family connections, said, “I remember feeling like it was a miracle when I learned I’d gotten in through an audition. I had a lot of doubts during filming, but the director and others helped me out a lot, and I’m sincerely grateful. I am sad that it’s over. I learned a lot while acting in this project. Hee Soo is a character that could be anyone we meet in life, but there may be people who are influenced by someone like her. I wanted to act in a way that would give her a sense of relatability.”

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