Watch: Zico Takes 6th Win For “Any Song” On “Music Core”; Performances By iKON, LOONA, EVERGLOW, And More

The February 8 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had Red Velvet’s “Psycho” up against Zico’s “Any Song” and Changmo’s “Meteor.” Changmo came in third place with 4,061 points and Red Velvet was in second place with 5,885 points.

Zico took home the win with 7,630 points, making this his sixth win for “Any Song.” Congratulations to Zico!

The day featured performances by SECHSKIES, iKON, LOONA, EVERGLOW, DKB, cignature, Golden Child, VERIVERY, Gavy NJ, IZ, DreamNote, OnlyOneOf, ANS, ENOi, and 2Z. Check out the performances below!

2Z – “My 1st Hero”

DKB – “Sorry Mama”

ENOi – “Cheeky”

ANS – “Say My Name”

DreamNote – “Wish”

cignature – “Nun Nu Nan Na”

EVERGLOW – “Salute” + “Dun Dun”

IZ – “The Day”

OnlyOneOf – “d0ra maar”

VERIVERY – “Lay Back”

Gavy NJ – “I’m in Sinchon”

LOONA – “# + So What”

iKON – “Ah Yeah” + “Dive”

SECHSKIES – “Round & Round”

Congratulations to Zico!

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