11 Trends From K-Pop Stars To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Change Of Season

2019 may have been quite a slow burn but it seems like 2020 is flying by so fast! Winter is almost ending in Korea and stars are already ditching their heavy coats for lighter pieces and brighter colors. Here are some wearable outfit ideas you can try to spice up your fashion and beauty looks!

Plaid and Pastel

Or both! Plaid is often associated with a preppy look but for Spring/Summer. Jessica is giving it a fresh take with mint, baby pink, and sky blue stripe combinations that are definitely eye candy. Meanwhile, Seulgi is signaling the start of Spring with a combination of salmon pink, mauve, and pale yellow colors, complete with her sweet smile!

Nayeon was also spotted wearing both trends!

Earthy Tones

ASTRO is a lesson in cohesive dressing with their light-colored suits that mimic the colors of nature and earth. They look elegant and cool at the same time.

Big Bow

Pearls, tweed, and the big bow: these are often the signature elements of Chanel, and Jennie has them all! The bigger the bow, the bigger the statement, whether dressed up and red-carpet-ready or dressed down in jeans.

Puffy Sleeves

Seolhyun, Jisoo, and Shuhua gave two different looks on this trend: feminine and vintage edge. The sleeves are more than enough to capture everyone’s attention, and it also looks great in photos!

Harper’s Bazaar SG

Oversized Suits

Suits are often thought of as perfect when it has a customized fit, but Zico, YoonA, and Sunmi are breaking the convention with loose, over-sized coordinates that give their look a street, hip vibe.

Harper’s Bazaar SG

Nylon Korea shows us how to style these pants!

Power Piercings

JB makes headlines every time he adds a cool new face or body piercing, showing his fearlessness in expressing his individual style. Whether he’s keeping it low-key by wearing a few piercings or putting it all out on display, he’s always sure to look effortlessly cool.

Middle photo from Something Good


Clips and Pins

You can always trust G-Dragon to make something as normal as a paperclip into an “It” accessory. He piles up on designer pins and self-designed accessories to make his already interesting outfits even more outstanding!

Scarf Love

It may be something small and light, but a scarf can change the feel of an outfit. Taehyung added a romantic, nautical vibe to his looks with printed scarves, while DAWN added some spunk to his outfits whether worn on his neck or hand.


Beret or French-style Topper

A statement-making hat can make or break a look, but it’s a good addition to any outfit. Kai and Chanyeol’s handsome features are highlighted even more when they wear hats.

Two Ponytails

Why have one when you can have two ponytails for that maximum cute effect? Check out the K-pop stars that made this hairstyle popular on stage and off!

Bedazzled Hair and Makeup

Jeongyeon and Yeri shine even more with jewel additions to their makeup and hair. It makes them look like pretty fairies and adds a touch of fantasy to their look!

Hey Soompiers! Which among these styles do you want to try? Tell us in the comments below!

DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor and stylist based in South Korea. She has authored a book on K-pop style published by Skyhorse Publications, New York. Check out her book “K-pop Style” and Instagram at @dianne_panda.

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