“Stove League” Cast Personally Chooses Their Favorite Scene From The Drama

The cast of SBS’s “Stove League” have shared their thoughts on what they think is the drama’s best scene!

On February 15, following the finale of the hit drama, SBS aired “Stove League – Final Report,” a special in which the cast looked back at the series and named their picks for the drama’s most iconic scenes.

In first place was the scene in which Park Eun Bin utters her iconic catchphrase, “You’re the one who crossed the line.” The now-famous line is from the scene in which Seo Young Joo (played by Cha Yeop) calls Baek Seung Soo (Namgoong Min) and Lee Se Young (Park Eun Bin) to a bar in order to make excessive contract demands. As they try to negotiate, Seo Young Joo slowly pours alcohol onto Baek Seung Soo’s leg in a disrespectful manner, triggering Lee Se Young’s outburst.

Kim Do Hyun, who played Yoo Kyung Taek in the drama, remarked, “I felt so refreshed [while watching the scene], and I’m sure the viewers felt the same way. ‘You’re the one who crossed the line’ became a popular catchphrase even within the cast and crew.”

Park Eun Bin commented lightheartedly, “When else would I ever get to shout that much in my life? While playing the character of Lee Se Young, it was refreshing to be able to scream as much as I wanted sometimes.”

She continued, “The script originally had the scene end with the line, ‘This young punk has no manners,’ but I wondered if there was a line that might feel a little more conclusive. So I improvised and said, ‘Did you drown your manners in alcohol and drink them? Insolent bastard.” They ended up using that, but then I felt apologetic that he was made into an ‘insolent bastard’ because of my ad lib. I was grateful that [Cha Yeop] took it well.”

After thanking the drama’s viewers, Cha Yeop adorably added, “Please don’t hate me.”

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