10 Times K-Pop Girl Groups Covered Boy Group Dances Perfectly

It’s time for our dancing queens to shine! While it’s always been popular among K-pop groups to cover songs and dances of their seniors, lately we are getting more and more amazing dance covers from girl groups, where they do some of the most known boy group dances. The sharp choreographies and iconic dance moves look amazing performed by our favorite female groups, and it’s hard not to get addicted to their versions as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating dance covers from our girls!

LOONA – “Cherry Bomb”

The ladies of LOONA are always up for a great dance challenge! Their cover of “Fire” by BTS is just as breathtaking, but this NCT cover was truly the cherry on top. They are acing this difficult choreo, and we can’t wait to see more of their boy group dance covers.


Covering one of 2PM’s sexiest songs, the members of TWICE show us just how sensual they can be. They are slaying this choreo with their powerful moves, and their body waves are out of this world! We can’t help but watch this cover at least twice in a row (pun intended)!

Cherry Bullet – “MIC Drop”

With two girls previously being part of the “Highlight Reels,” it’s no wonder the Cherry Bullet girls decided to cover a BTS song! They are fierce as hell, and their intense moves are amazing in this “MIC Drop” dance practice. It’s nice to finally see the bold side of the girls.

DreamCatcher – Boy Group Dance Medley

Covering the most famous songs of 2019 is a piece of cake for DreamCatcher! The girls did a dance cover medley of our favorite tracks from last year, including “Boy With Luv” by BTS, EXO’s “Love Shot”, and “Hala Hala” from ATEEZ. We would love to see a full version of their “Alligator” and “Simon Says” cover, too!

IZ*ONE – “Energetic”

If you loved the original song by Wanna One, you will love this version by IZ*ONE members as well! It’s impossible to get this song out of your head, and the girls are nailing the dance moves! We need the full cover ASAP, for real.

gugudan – “Chained Up”

Paying respect to their company’s seniors, gugudan decided to cover VIXX’s biggest hit, “Chained Up,” from back in 2016. They are truly showing us their badass side, and their moves are on point, as always. VIXX members were surely proud of their label mates!

WJSN – “Love Shot”

Have you ever wondered what the “Love Shot” choreo would look like with girls acing it? You don’t have to wonder anymore, because the WJSN members will show you how it’s done in this perfect dance cover. You simply just can’t take your eyes off of them!

(G)I-DLE – “Fake Love”

(G)I-DLE did a full cover of BTS’s “Fake Love” in Taipei, and they all look and sound absolutely flawless! Their hard work on this cover is clear to see, and every bit of this performance is full of respect and professionalism. Hats off!

CLC – “Black Suit”

CLC is always great with powerful concepts, and they are not afraid to showcase their charisma on this cover of Super Junior’s “Black Suit.” Their stage presence is the greatest strength of this cover, and their on-point moves are truly something to adore!

MOMOLAND – “Mr. Simple”

There is just something about “Mr. Simple” that fits MOMOLAND’s style perfectly. Needless to say, they are slaying this cover, and we can’t help but dance the iconic moves of Super Junior with them! Can we ask for a full cover?

Soompiers! Which covers are your current favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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