IU’s Agency Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

On February 17, IU’s agency shared a statement on the legal action they are taking against malicious comments, rumors, and more.

Back in October, Kakao M announced that it would be taking legal action for malicious comments, rumors, and more against IU. Since then, IU has moved to EDAM Entertainment, a subsidiary agency under Kakao M, but her new agency has continued the work begun under Kakao M.

Read her agency’s statement below:

Hello, this is EDAM Entertainment.

Under the motto, “Let’s flip the way we think and create a future beyond our generation,” EDAM Entertainment was formed to push forward not just celebrity management but also various entertainment businesses like the planning and production of albums and concerts.

We signed an exclusive contract with the artist IU on the basis of mutual trust. We have taken over the pre-existing duties and platforms formerly operated by Kakao M and plan to improve on them in future.

As announced on October 18, 2019, a formal complaint against malicious comments about our artist, IU, has been filed. As a result, many suspects have been identified and investigated.

At the investigative agency’s request, it is difficult to reveal specific details about the process or state of affairs, but punishments are being issued gradually and we are awaiting notification of the results. We will continue our monitoring with the help of information sent in by fans and continue to take legal action [against malicious comments] in future.

We have also heard the wishes of fans and we are planning to open an online store for our artist as well as working hard on opening more channels of communication between the artist and fans. The specific details will be revealed as soon as possible.

We ask for everyone’s support and interest on IU and EDAM Entertainment’s fresh start. We will become an agency that can repay the sincerity of the many people who love IU.

Thank you.

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