Update: ITZY Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Jacket Filming For Comeback

Updated March 9 KST: 

ITZY has dropped the jacket making film for their upcoming comeback with “IT’z ME!”

Check it out below:

Updated March 8 KST:

ITZY has released the online cover image for their upcoming mini album “IT’z ME”!

Updated March 7 KST:

ITZY has released a new album spoiler featuring brief snippets of all the tracks on “IT’z ME”!

Updated March 6 KST:

ITZY revealed the second MV teaser for “WANNABE”!

Updated March 5 KST:

ITZY shared their MV teaser for “WANNABE”!

Updated March 4 KST:

ITZY revealed new teasers for “IT’z ME”!

Updated March 3 KST:

ITZY shared moving teaser images for their “IT’z ME” comeback!

Updated March 2 KST:

ITZY has given fans a sneak peek at their upcoming mini album “IT’z ME”!

According to the newly released track list, “IT’z ME” will feature a total of seven songs, including the title track “Wannabe.”

ITZY has also shared a short instrumental film for each of the seven tracks on “IT’z ME.” Check out their new track list and song teasers below!

Updated February 28 KST:

ITZY’s Yuna stars in the latest teaser photos for their return!

Updated February 27 KST:

Chaeryeong’s teasers for ITZY’s comeback are now here!

Updated February 26 KST:

ITZY released photos of Ryujin for “IT’z ME”!

Updated February 25 KST:

ITZY shared teaser photos of Lia as they get ready for their comeback!

Updated February 24 KST:

ITZY has unveiled a colorful new set of teasers starring Yeji for their comeback with “IT’z ME”!

Updated February 21 KST:

ITZY released a new group photo for their “IT’z ME” comeback! It also reveals that their title track will be “Wannabe.”

Updated February 20 KST:

ITZY shared the first group photo for their “IT’z ME” comeback!

Original Article:

ITZY released the first teaser image for their March comeback!

The JYP Entertainment rookie group has announced that they’ll return on March 9 with “IT’z ME.” They show their silhouettes in an enigmatic teaser photo!

The five-member group debuted last February with “DALLA DALLA” and went on to release “ICY” in July.

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