Lee Je Hoon Talks About “Signal 2,” Friendship With Ryu Jun Yeol, And “Stove League” Cameo

Actor Lee Je Hoon took the role of special DJ on the February 17 episode of the SBS radio show “Cultwo Show”!

Lee Je Hoon stars in the upcoming film “Time to Hunt” along with Ahn Jae Hong, Choi Woo Shik, Park Jung Min, and Park Hae Soo. Lee Je Hoon mentioned that on February 19, they’ll be heading to the Berlin International Film Festival, as the film has been invited for a gala screening.

When asked about reuniting with Park Jung Min on screen for the first time since their 2011 film “Bleak Night,” Lee Je Hoon said, “It was so comfortable to film with him. We know each other very well.”

Lee Je Hoon was also asked about his friendship with Ryu Jun Yeol, who he traveled with to Cuba for the JTBC show “Traveler.” He said, “I didn’t know Ryu Jun Yeol before that, but we became close while filming ‘Traveler.’ He’s a really great guy.”

He added, “We still stay in touch and see each other. I think Ryu Jun Yeol will be preparing for his next project after he comes back from going abroad.”

The actor recently made a special cameo on the drama “Stove League.” He shared, “I’m a really huge fan of ‘Stove League.’ When the opportunity came up for me to be in the final episode, I said I’d do it before I even saw the script.” He added, “I was surprised it was a more important role than I’d thought, with more screen time than I’d expected.”

Lee Je Hoon was asked about the much-anticipated second season of the hit 2016 tvN drama “Signal,” which has been mentioned as a possibility for years. He said, “I think it would be difficult to do it this year because the cast is all busy, but from what I know, ‘Signal 2’ is being produced. I’m waiting for it too.”

The actor also did a dance as a way to make a wish that “Time to Hunt” will surpass 10 million admissions. “I was in a school hip hop club,” he shared. “I did a bit of b-boying and popping.”

“Time to Hunt” hits theaters in Korea on February 26.

Watch Lee Je Hoon in “Stove League” below!

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