Ha Jung Woo Shares Text Messages Exchanged With Hospital In Response To Rumors About Drug Use

Ha Jung Woo’s agency has released the text messages he exchanged with the hospital after being caught up in rumors about illegal drug use.

Last week, Channel A’s “News A” reported that prosecutors were investigating a famous movie star for acquiring Propofol at a plastic surgery clinic under the name of his younger brother. It was later reported that this actor was Ha Jung Woo.

Ha Jung Woo’s agency released a statement saying that while the actor had been put to sleep (Propofol is a sleep inducer and anesthetic) during laser treatments for a scar at the clinic, there had been no illegal drug use. The agency also promised to reveal the text messages that Ha Jung Woo exchanged with the director of the clinic as proof.

On February 19, Channel A released a new report in which one of their reporters met directly with Ha Jung Woo’s representative. During this meeting, the representative showed the reporter the text messages.

The text messages began in January 2019 with Ha Jung Woo introducing himself to the hospital director and mentioning that he had been recommended by an acquaintance. They then set up a time for an appointment.

Two weeks later, the hospital director sent a text that says, “The task ahead is the scar, but after the procedure, please visit the clinic three more times in the following ten days.” Ha Jung Woo replied, “The scar is the biggest task.”

After this, the two discuss the patient’s skin condition after the laser procedures. Ha Jung Woo says that his skin feels red as a result.

When asked whether the Propofol had been necessary for the procedure, Ha Jung Woo’s representative replied, “The scar on his face was a deep one, so the laser procedure would have been unendurable without anesthetic.” The representative also said that since appointments were made through text, Ha Jung Woo did not know which name the hospital put down for him. He denied that the actor used a false name to obtain injections, particularly the name of his younger brother.

According to Channel A’s report, prosecutors have decided to call in Ha Jung Woo for questioning after reading the public explanation provided by his agency.

Also on February 19, Ha Jung Woon’s lawyer gave an interview with Sports Chosun and said, “What I can tell you for certain is that Ha Jung Woo did not ask that he be put down under a false name. The doctor was the first person to recommend using a false name for the treatment. Ha Jung Woo is normally a cautious person and does not even make restaurant reservations under his real name. The person in charge of the procedure spoke strongly in favor of using a false name, so Ha Jung Woo believed him without question and followed his direction.”

The lawyer continued, “Long after he received the treatment, he learned that the hospital was popular among chaebol businessmen. That’s why he had no suspicion about the doctor’s recommendation that he use a false name. Of course, now he knows that this was inappropriate. He is personally grieved that this situation has arisen from a simple skin treatment procedure.”

The lawyer also explained the reasoning for using Propofol during the laser procedure. He said, “We normally think of Propofol as being used during endoscopies. Ha Jung Woo’s procedure was a laser procedure, so it doesn’t require a full anesthetic, but the lasers were very strong for this procedure, which makes it very painful. He received [the Propofol] after the head doctor judged it necessary. He did not ever use it excessively or illegally.

“The rumors that say, ‘He even developed a tolerance to it’ or ‘He used it regularly like a machine,’ are ridiculous. They are entirely untrue. Many people are being investigated over this issue, and stories are being made up without proof, and now people think that it’s confirmed. I will say this again, but Ha Jung Woo received anesthesia only for the amount required for the surgical procedure. There was no drug use beyond that.”

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