EXID’s Hani, Hwang Seong Eon, And More Share Final Thoughts On “XX”

The actors of “XX” bid farewell to their drama.

Co-produced by MBC and Playlist, “XX” is a web drama that achieved 10 million views during its run. The cast shared their thoughts before the airing of the final episode.

EXID’s Hani appeared as Yoon Nana, a refreshing character who took a firm stance against cheaters. She began, “Yoon Nana and I share many similarities. Yoon Nana is someone who led the drama with various relationships with other characters, so I contemplated a lot about this diverse but consistent character.”

Hwang Seung Eon played the bar owner Lee Roo Mi. The actress said, “I liked that Lee Roo Mi was someone who understood exactly what she could do without baseless confidence and pushed forward without hesitation. I focused on showing her inner pain and hoped that viewers would be able to sympathize with her.”

Bae In Hyuk portrayed Danny, who was straightforward and loyal to his feelings. “He has a cold first impression, but he is thoughtful, gentle, and kindhearted. He also shows his masculine side at times, so I described the character as a man with surprises.”

Lee Jong Won played the part of Wang Jung Deun, who’s a friend many people want to have by their side. “Wang Jung Deun’s charm is his ability to sympathize as a human being with people regardless of gender. I actually have a friend who’s a girl that’s similar to Yoon Nana, so we talked a lot and it was helpful.”

Hani and Hwang Seung Eon filled the screen with tension. The EXID member said, “All of the actors were good teachers and trainers. They worried along with me, and I’m thankful to everyone who conversed with me.” Hwang Seung Eon added, “Out of everyone I’ve met through work, Hani was the person who had the most similar mindset as me. Our chemistry was really good, and just the fact that I met her was really comforting.”

The final episode of “XX” airs on February 21.

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