Watch: “Master In The House” Cast Members Show Off Their Trot Skills In Karaoke Battle

The cast of SBS’s variety show “Master in the House” showed off their skills with trot songs!

During the episode of “Master in the House” that aired on February 23, the cast met with trot singers Park Hyun Bin and Hong Jin Young to learn what trot is, and try their luck at impressing their mentors.

While at Hong Jin Young’s house, they all made a bet to see who could get the highest and lowest scores singing trot on a karaoke machine. The loser would have to eat a healthy concoction that Hong Jin Young claimed helped her stay healthy while performing at various events.

First up was Shin Sung Rok, who used his experience as a musical actor to put on a great performance of Park Hyun Bin’s “Trust Oppa.” Even Park Hyun Bin, the original singer, was surprised by how well Shin Sung Rok did. Up next was Lee Seung Gi performing Shim Soo Bong’s “I Only Know Love,” moving everyone with his emotional performance.

And then was BTOB’s Yook Sungjae. Yang Se Hyung said, “Jang Yoon Jung gave Yook Sungjae the trot stage name of Bullfrog,” and Lee Seung Gi explained, “It’s because the moment he decides to enter the trot world, everyone there should be on alert.” Yook Sungjae took on Na Hoon Ah’s “Why are you crying?” And surprised everyone with his performance, leading Park Hyun Bin to say, “I get why Jang Yoon Jung called you a bullfrog.”

Lee Sang Yoon performed Kim Heung Gook’s “Bumblebee” and Yang Se Hyung performed Jo Seung Gu’s “Flower Breeze Woman.” Park Hyun Bin joined in and performed his own song Park Hyun Bin.


Yook Sungjae scored a perfect 100, and Lee Sang Yoon came in second place with 98 points. Shin Sung Rok scored 95, and Lee Seung Gi scored 91 points. Park Hyun Bin narrowly avoided last place with 83 points, and Yang Se Hyung came in last place at 81 points.

Check out the performances below!

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