ATEEZ’s Jongho Injures Leg + To Perform Seated At Upcoming Events

ATEEZ’s Jongho will be performing seated for the time being after injuring his leg.

On February 27, the group’s agency released a statement on their fan café.

The full statement is below:

Hello. This is KQ Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about ATEEZ member Jongho’s leg injury.

During ATEEZ’s recent group vacation, Jongho was using public transportation when he accidentally fell down due to to the carelessness of another passenger and then visited a medical specialist.

As a result, he was diagnosed with a fracture of his left leg. The doctor has said that he requires three to four months of recovery and rest for the fractured area, and he will be taking various medical measures such as wearing a cast to prevent worsening of the injured area and to prevent the the injury from recurring.

Although he plans to participate in future domestic and international events as planned, he will unfortunately be performing while seated at concerts and other events that involve excessive movement.

Since it’s an unfortunate accident, we ask for the fans’ generous understanding and ask for your support so that Jongho can recover as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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