Feeldog, Jun, And Euijin Talk About Their Friendship, Promise With Fans, And More During Mini UNB Reunion

Feeldog, U-KISS’s Jun, and BIGFLO’s Euijin had a mini UNB reunion on the latest episode of MBC Radio’s “Idol Radio.”

Feeldog said, “After our concert early last year, (the members) never met on broadcast. So today is a day to celebrate. We decided to have dinner together after this.” Jun added, “We didn’t have time to hang out, so I thought it would be awkward to see each other for the first time in a while, but it was rather noisy. We had fun in the waiting room, too.”

The three idols also mentioned their individual activities. Jun has finished filming the drama “Good Casting” that is premiering at the end of April and is confirmed to take the lead role in a miniseries titled “Idol Doctor” (literal translation) and drama tentatively called “Na Rae, Kicking Out” (literal translation). He is also taking part in the musical “Swag Age: Shout, Joseon!” (literal translation).

Jun commented, “For four years, my nickname was ‘Cow.’ My fans gave me that name because I work silently like a cow. I will do my best to protect that reputation.”

Feeldog recently held his third individual art exhibition that was attended by UNB members including Euijin, Daewon, Hansol, Marco, as well as Kim Dong Jun and H&D’s Lee Han Gyul.

On the other hand, Euijin is the host of a variety program titled “Meet by Chance” (literal translation). He shared, “It is a program that introduces food, entertainment, and attractions from all parts of the country. I can’t help but get excited because I’m filming as if I’m on a trip. I feel like I’m going on a picnic every time I shoot.” Feeldog added, “Euijin usually likes to eat good food and go see nice views.”

Euijin candidly stated, “Actually, we regarded each other with a business-like attitude while working together, and when our contracts ended, we didn’t have the time to say anything [personal] to each other. I want to say thank you to all the members for working hard, and I want them to know that no matter what we do, we are cheering each other on and that we are all a source of support for one other. Thank you, and I love you.”

Feeldog commented, “We always promised our fans. The nine of us won’t perform on stage together anymore, but we said we would greet them together in various places, so I was happy to greet them on the radio.”

Euijin added, “We’re happy, too, but our fans will be the happiest. I’d like to thank everyone who still supports us and will continue to support us. We will be active in various fields from now on, so please stop by and cheer for us once in a while.”

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