Park Hae Jin Talks About Improvised Kiss Scene With Jo Bo Ah In “Forest”

Park Hae Jin took part in a V Live broadcast for KBS 2TV’s “Forest” on March 1 and shared stories about filming for the drama.

“Forest” tells the story of emergency service worker Kang San Hyuk (Park Hae Jin) and passionate young surgeon Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah) who spend time together in a mysterious forest and discover the truth about their intertwined pasts.

Asked what the best and worst parts about filming in the mountains was, the actor answered, “Because I live in Seoul, it hadn’t been easy for me to go to the mountains. I was able to breathe all the fresh air I wanted. But it was too cold.”

When a viewer chose Park Hae Jin’s “jjokkomi” aegyo scene as their favorite, he shared how hard it was to film the scene as a man from Busan (Men from Busan are often described as being brusque). “Even while filming the scene, I wasn’t sure how to do it right. I asked Jo Bo Ah about it a lot. I was cringing while watching the broadcast. But I’m thankful a lot of viewers enjoyed it,” said Park Hae Jin.

Park Hae Jin praised his co-star Jo Bo Ah, saying, “Jo Bo Ah has a very nice personality. She adjusts herself to each person, so we’re able to film well on set.” He also revealed, “The kiss scene in the rain with Jo Bo Ah was actually not part of the script. It didn’t rain the way we wanted it to, so we had a hard time. My lines and Jo Bo Ah’s lines were all improvised. Everything in the whole scene including the timing of the kiss was improvised.”

Park Hae Jin also showed his love for his family. He shared, “When I don’t have anything special, I watch ‘Forest’ with my nieces and family when it airs. My nieces, who turned seven and ten this year, call me by my character’s name and chase me around. When I’m not working, I make tanghulu (Chinese candied fruit on sticks) with my nieces and play with them.”

Lastly, he picked Kang San Hyuk’s past as the point to focus on while watching the rest of “Forest.” He explained, “Kang San Hyuk’s past will be revealed from now on, and it will be more entertaining if you focus on that aspect. I would like for you to continue watching ‘Forest.’ Please give us your precious attention.”

Watch the latest episode of “Forest” below with English subtitles!

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