Lee Chung Ah In Talks Along With Seolhyun To Star In Namgoong Min’s New Drama

Lee Chung Ah may be joining Namgoong Min in his new drama!

On March 2, Sports Kyunghyang reported that Lee Chung Ah will be starring in the new tvN drama “Night and Day” (working title) as the female lead.

Following the reports, Lee Chung Ah’s agency Kings Entertainment commented, “Lee Chung Ah has received the offer to star in ‘Night and Day,’ and she is positively reviewing the offer. It is not yet confirmed.”

“Night and Day” is a romantic mystery drama about an incident that took place in a village 26 years ago. People who have gained intelligence beyond normal human capabilities in exchange for losing their emotions will gather together due to the mysterious incident in order to take down the scheme of those who used them as tools. In the process, they try to find their identities as regular people.

If she accepts the role, Lee Chung Ah will be playing FBI agent Jamie Layton who works with the capable detective Do Jung Woo (Namgoong Min) of the special team at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in order to solve the mystery.

Recently, Lee Chung Ah showed off her charismatic acting in SBS’s “VIP,” drawing anticipation for the charms she may portray in the upcoming drama.

Currently, AOA’s Seolhyun is also in talks to play Gong Hye Won, a police inspector of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, in the upcoming drama.

Stay tuned for updates on “Night and Day”!

In the meantime, watch Lee Chung Ah in “VIP” below:

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