Ivy And Tei Shut Down False Rumors About Involvement In Religious Group Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak In Korea

Singers Ivy and Tei responded to false rumors circulating about their religious beliefs.

South Korea is currently grappling with the outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), with a religious group known as Shincheonji playing a critical role in the outbreak in the Daegu region. As more confirmed cases are being reported, online speculation is growing about celebrities who may be affiliated with this religious group.

On March 3, Lee Dong Wook‘s agency released a statement after the actor was named in these false rumors and they warned of legal action.

Later that day, Ivy shared a screenshot on Instagram of a message titled “Famous celebrities who are Shincheonji believers.” The singer blurred out the names of other celebrities listed in this message except for her own and added a caption to express her outrage.

She wrote, “Groundless rumors are obscuring important matters during turbulent times. I can’t even laugh because I’m so dumbfounded. Be careful of rumors. A world ridden with fake news.” The post has since been deleted.

Tei also shared his thoughts on these rumors. With a photo of his restaurant, he wrote, “I’m slowly getting angry. The opening of the second Teisty Burger restaurant, which may be small but is something I’ve worked hard to prepare for, has been postponed. Even more so than the unavoidable circumstances, the reason for the delay was because I found out that the meeting of a religious group takes place near here. I’m suffering along with my employees without even being able to choose an opening date. But what? I’m a member of that religion? Don’t use this situation to spread fake information for fun! Please! I beg you!”

He added in the hashtag, “My friends told me not to curse so I’m deleting the curse word” and “Love your enemies.”

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조금 화나려 합니다⚠️ 정말 소소하지만 열심히 준비하고 치열하게 달려왔던 테이스티버거 2호점(석촌호수점)의 오픈이 미루어졌습니다. 그 미루어 진 이유도(어쩔수없는 상황보다)어떤 종교의 모임이 속상하게도 이 근방이라는 소식을 접하고 미룬것인데, 심지어 오픈 날짜도 정하지 못한 채 직원들과 하루하루 애태우고 있는데!! 제가!! 그 종교인이라니요??!!!!!!!! 그 어떤 누구라도 이런 상황을 이용해 거짓정보를! 재미삼아 흘리고 이용하지 마세요!! 제발 부탁드립니다!! #지인들이욕하지말래서욕은삭제합니다 #원수를사랑하라

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