3 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped For The Upcoming Premiere Of “365: Repeat The Year”

Need a reason to get yourself pumped for the upcoming MBC drama “365: Repeat the Year”? We have three!

In case you weren’t already familiar with the story, “365: Repeat the Year” follows ten people who “reset” their lives, returning to a day exactly one year prior in hopes of attaining a better life or preventing a life-changing accident. This mystery-survival drama stars Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Soo, and Yang Dong Geun, among many others, with a storyline jam-packed with tension from start to finish. Here are three keywords which describe “365: Repeat the Year” and three reasons you should tune in when the drama premieres at the end of the month.

1. Life Reset

As previously mentioned, the plot of “365: Repeat the Year” follows a group of time-travelers who “reset” their lives to go back in time one year. This is, according to the creators, to address the question of, ‘If someone gave me the chance to return to one year in the past, wouldn’t I be able to undo my regrets, avoid misfortune, and live a perfect life?’. The reset is more of a setup than anything. The choices that these characters make, what sort of changes they make in the second time around, and the consequences of those choices and changes will be the main point of the drama, and the main source of the thrill and suspense that “365: Repeat the Year” promises to have.

2. The 10 Resetters And The Person Who Helped Them Reset

Not only will the story showcase the 10 people who become “resetters,” but also the mysterious person who invites them to “reset” their lives in the first place. Wouldn’t you have difficulty believing someone if they told you you could travel back in time? This, of course, creates tension in itself. But then you’d have to keep your “reset” a secret, as the characters themselves learn quickly, as they can’t tell a soul about the fact that they’ve seen the future and returned to the past. The only people who can understand are the other “resetters,” so naturally a bond would form. Not only that, but from friend to foe, from foe to friend, the relationship between these “resetters” is constantly changing after their reset, creating a tension that spans the entire story.

3. The Unpredictable Survival Game

“365: Repeat the Year” differs from other mystery-suspense dramas in that, after the reset, a game of survival begins in earnest. The story that then unfolds is one of unprecedented reversal and new developments, providing viewers with maximum thrill and suspense to capitalize on the best aspects of the genre. In particular, the psychological warfare between the mysterious mastermind and the 10 resetters will have viewers second-guessing themselves at every turn, leaving them on the edge of their seat with nail-biting tension.

“365: Repeat the Year” will premiere on MBC on March 23 at 8:55 p.m. KST. Are you convinced yet to tune in?

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