The Rose's Agency Responds With Statement Refuting Band's Claims And Plans To Take Strong Legal Action

The Rose’s agency has responded to the band’s latest statement and request for contract termination.

It was reported on February 28 that The Rose sent a certification of contents requesting for the termination of their contract with J & STAR Company. The group listed reasons including the agency’s enforcement of an unreasonable schedule and problems surrounding their payments. The agency refuted the band’s claims in a statement and said it would take legal action.

The Rose then released a statement written by their law firm on March 3 explaining their stance on their contract termination request with evidence of their claims.

On March 4, J & STAR Company refuted this with a statement of their own.

The full statement is below:

This is The Rose’s agency J & STAR Company.

We are releasing an official statement regarding the ongoing discussion about The Rose’s certification of contents for a contract termination.

The Rose members Kim Woosung, Park Dojoon, Lee Jaehyung, and Lee Hajoon have sent a request for contract termination with reasons including outstanding payments, damage of trust, and exclusive contract violations. But like our previous official statement, we strongly state that all of the content showing that we “violated the exclusive contract” is not true.

The Rose is making absurd claims that they did not receive any payments, did not properly receive proper document regarding this, and that the agency should pay for all of their expenses for promotions. However, we have provided The Rose with all billing information throughout the duration of the exclusive contract and informed The Rose that they can check the details regarding this. We also have confirmation in writing that they received this information.

In addition, we have proceeded with all promotions including overseas tours, concerts, and TV appearances by revealing information and schedules beforehand to The Rose and also completed practice, makeup, and other schedules after consultation with The Rose.

Although The Rose claims to have carried out two years of deadly schedules from 2018 until now, they are changing their stance whenever it’s more favorable to them by stating that they actively promoted with various TV appearances, OST, and overseas tour in 20 countries with over 50 concerts in their March 3 statement and in the press.

Until now, The Rose has deceived the agency with numerous lies including unauthorized absences, problems with romantic partners, and contact and creative activities with third parties, all of which has caused a major disruption to the agency’s business plans that were prepared for a long time.

These are violations of obligations of good faith and maintenance of dignity which are included in the exclusive contract. Despite this, we nonetheless embraced and forgave The Rose because of the clear, irrevocable damage to their image if revealed to the public.

The Rose has rejected even all conversation and informed us of a refusal to take part in promotions such as pre-scheduled concert plans and TV appearances and announced the termination of their contract. Due to The Rose’s unilateral notice, we are suffering huge losses and damages due to the nonfulfillment of plans and events.   

As much as we have provided full support and a stepping stone for The Rose’s domestic and international growth, we will take strong legal action for all legal and realistic measures, penalty and damages, and criminal liability for the situations listed above.

We express regret over The Rose defaming and slandering our reputation. Thank you.

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