WINNER’s Song Mino Describes Why Block B’s P.O’s Gift-Giving Impresses Him

WINNER’s Song Mino and Block B’s P.O talked about their friendship on their radio show “MP3,” which is broadcast via Naver NOW.

Song Mino said, “I’m grateful that so many people are checking out our pilot show that doesn’t have a name yet. The comments are coming in right now at 5G speed. They’re so fast I can’t read them.”

P.O said, “We’re so grateful that time has been made for us on Naver NOW where Mino and I can have fun talking and all of you can enjoy it together with us. I hope it will be a fun memory for you.”

The producers asked the pair to prove that they’re really close friends and they don’t just have a “business relationship.” In reality, the two stars have been friends for 12 years.

Song Mino said, “They were suspicious about our relationship in the pre-show meeting too. They asked if we don’t have a business relationship.”

P.O joked, “Our relationship is becoming more and more like a business relationship.” Song Mino chimed in to joke, “We have to maintain this relationship to keep surviving.”

P.O then clarified, “We’re close. I bought Mino a record today.” Song Mino said to him, “Dummy. You can’t be the one saying that. It sounds cool if I’m the one who says it.”

Song Mino went on to say, “There are times when he just coolly gives me a present, which makes my heart skip a beat. When I got here earlier, he told me that he’d picked out a few records that he likes and bought them for me.”

When asked how many times they meet a week, Song Mino said they usually see each other when they’re filming. P.O added that they see each other twice a week, one time to film tvN’s “Mapo Hipster” and another for Naver NOW. Song Mino added with a laugh, “We’ll be seeing each other often now.”

The pair was also asked to share how many times a week they talk on the phone. P.O replied, “I call him a lot. I think about three to four times a week.” Song Mino added, “We also do video calls sometimes, because we like doing that.”

A listener wrote in to ask when they’ve had a big fight. Song Mino asked, “When did we fight?” and P.O said, “I think we haven’t since high school. I don’t remember high school that well either.”

They joked that they don’t fight because they just have a business relationship, before Song Mino said, “We know each other well because we’ve been friends for a long time, so there’s no reason for us to fight.”

Song Mino and P.O are currently appearing on the tvN variety program “Mapo Hipster,” which airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST for five minutes. The full version will be released on producing director Na Young Suk’s YouTube channel.

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