Eddy Kim’s Agency Releases Official Statement After Singer Receives Suspension Of Indictment

Eddy Kim has received a suspension of indictment in his case regarding the spreading of pornographic material.

Last year, Eddy Kim was investigated on suspicions of spreading illegal pornographic material as part of the scandal surrounding group chatrooms in which celebrities discussed and committed illegal acts. In April 2019, Eddy Kim admitted to sharing pornographic material in a group chatroom, but denied ever filming any explicit photos or videos.

The suspension of indictment was issued on March 6, and it is being said that the prosecution took into consideration the fact that Eddy Kim had engaged in spreading pornographic material just once and he seemed to be deeply regretting and reflecting on his actions.

Since then, his agency Mystic Story has released an official statement, which reads as follows:

We would like to notify you of the results of Eddy Kim’s investigation.

In late March of last year, Eddy Kim was investigated by the police on charges of spreading pornographic material, and his case was then forwarded to the prosecution and he has now received a suspension of indictment.

Eddy Kim did not personally film illegal material or spread such content, but he was investigated for taking a screenshot online and sharing the image. In the process of the investigation, it was confirmed that the group chatroom that Eddy Kim was a part of was not the group chatroom that became an issue for sharing illegally filmed material, but a separate group chatroom based around a shared hobby.

Regardless, Eddy Kim is regretting the error of his ways and reflecting on his actions. We sincerely apologize to all those who are disappointed by his actions.

From now on, Eddy Kim will work hard to act prudently with a strong sense of responsibility. Once again, we apologize for causing concern.

Roy Kim, another individual who had been investigated last year on the same charges, also received a suspension of indictment in February.

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