Watch: Kim So Hye, Shin Seung Ho, Min Dohee, And More Talk About Their Real-Life Friendships In Teaser For New Drama

KBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “How to Buy a Friend” has shared a teaser of their principal cast in school uniforms!

Starring Kim So Hye, Lee Shin Young, Shin Seung Ho, Min Dohee, and many more, “How to Buy a Friend” tells the story of an average high school student who ends up in a “How to Buy a Friend” with the school’s legendary fighter because of a poem he writes.

In the new teaser, the cast talked about their real-life friendships. Kim So Hye mentioned five girls with whom she’s been friends since elementary school and shared a time when their friendship was slightly shaken. She said, “There were times when they hung out without me. I didn’t know they hung out without me, and when I asked why they didn’t contact me, they said it was because I was busy with work. I understood, but I still want them to contact me and send me photos.”

Shin Seung Ho talked about the friends he made when he was a soccer player before he was an actor. “He was a striker and I was a defender, so we would clash a lot,” he said. “He had to get past me, and I had to block him. We clashed a lot. But because we clashed a lot, we ended up being friends.”

Kim In Kwon brought his manager, Im Chan Mook, on set and said that they’ve known each other since they attended the same middle school. When asked questions by the production staff, they said in unison, “We’re really different.” “If we had anything in common, it was the same dream,” Im Chan Mook said. “We both wanted to work in the movie industry.”

Cho Yi Hyun talked about her close friend named “Lee Geu Roo” and said, “She’s the reason we’ve been able to be friends for so long. When I’m on the verge of getting mad, she’s the one who makes it up first. She has a lot of courage.” Later, Cho Yi Hyun revealed that this friend is an idol, MOMOLAND’s Nancy, much to the surprise of the staff members interviewing her.

Min Dohee was asked by the production staff to find the last person she contacted on her phone. She said it was her manager and the staff member replied, “No, among your friends!” Min Dohee then talked about someone she used to work with who recently contacted her about getting in touch again. She then turned to the tables on the staff and said, “The complete filming schedule hasn’t come out yet, so we haven’t been able to set a date.”

Asked about what friendship means to them, Kim So Hye said, “It’s like a drink of Sprite. When you’re together, energy sparks off each other like bubbles. When you’re tired or frustrated, you release that tension when you’re with your friends.” Min Dohee said, “Someone you’re so familiar with, someone you’re always near, so that you don’t have to wonder what friendship is.”

Check out the teaser below!

“How to Buy a Friend” premieres on April 6.

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