Watch: Song Ji Hyo Covers Sunmi’s “Gashina” + Shows Off Her Competitive Side In “Ask Us Anything” Preview

Song Ji Hyo is returning to “Ask Us Anything”!

On March 7, the JTBC variety show released a new preview of next week’s episode featuring Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol—the stars of the upcoming film “Intruder”—as guests.

The clip begins with Song Ji Hyo happily declaring, “I came back!” while newcomer Kim Moo Yeol introduces himself by saying, “I’m Moo Yeol. Nice to meet you.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul points out that Kim Moo Yeol looks like Jinusean’s Sean, and Kang Ho Dong asks Song Ji Hyo where she got her dancing skills from.

Song Ji Hyo then steps out to the front of the classroom to dance the iconic choreography to Sunmi’s “Gashina,” but she receives a lukewarm response from the “Ask Us Anything” cast, with Kang Ho Dong joking, “She hasn’t started [her dance cover] yet.” The “Ask Us Anything” members continue to clown Song Ji Hyo for her dancing, but they appear genuinely impressed when her co-star Kim Moo Yeol unexpectedly shows off his own moves.

Things take a more competitive turn as the cast members playfully discuss the rivalry between “Ask Us Anything” and Song Ji Hyo’s long-running variety show “Running Man.” Song Ji Hyo jokes, “How can people who just sit at their desks all day beat us?” Lee Soo Geun goes on to ask, “What will you do for us if we win?” and Kim Heechul jokingly suggests, “We’ll send [Kang] Ho Dong to ‘Running Man,’ so send us [Yoo] Jae Suk.” Song Ji Hyo replies, “I’ll look into it.”

As the guests and cast members start playing games, Song Ji Hyo gets a bit competitive after teaming up with Min Kyung Hoon. With a serious look in her eyes and her hand firmly resting on their buzzer, she tells her partner, “Do well!” which makes him burst out laughing. Pointing out how competitive she’s become, Min Kyung Hoon observes, “She hasn’t even done anything yet, and she’s telling me to do well.”

The preview ends with Kim Moo Yeol showing off his rapping skills as the cast members laugh at just how much he resembles his doppelganger Sean.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol’s episode of “Ask Us Anything” will air on March 14 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the new preview below!

You can also watch a recent episode of “Ask Us Anything” with English subtitles here:

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