Watch: Park Shin Hye Demonstrates How Actors Fake-Slap Each Other On Camera With Super Junior’s Heechul

On the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything,” Park Shin Hye shared some fun tricks of the trade!

The actress appeared as a guest on the March 7 broadcast of the JTBC variety show alongside Kim Sung Ryung and Jeon Jong Seo, her co-stars from the upcoming film “Call.” 

During the program, Park Shin Hye talked about her experience filming “Stairway to Heaven,” the classic SBS drama in which she made her acting debut back in 2003. While filming multiple takes of a scene in which Lee Hwi Hyang‘s character slaps her, the actress revealed, “I was slapped over 30 times or so.”

Park Shin Hye went on to explain, “As far as I recall, the script said [that my character] should be slapped about four times, but we had to film the scene from multiple angles. Even now, [Lee Hwi Hyang] still talks about it in interviews, saying I’m the actor to whom she feels the most apologetic.”

When Kang Ho Dong asked her if she had felt sad about it at the time, Park Shin Hye replied, “No, there wasn’t any time for me to have those kinds of thoughts. As soon as I was slapped, I raised my head and looked back up [to continue acting]. But I think even that part of it was fun for me back then.”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul asked if actors still actually slap each other during filming these days, and Park Shin Hye replied, “Nowadays, all those scenes are [typically] fake. The sound effects used in production are really great, and the slapping scenes can be edited to look real. If you bring your hand down diagonally from behind, and the actor [pretending to be slapped] lowers his head at the right time, it looks really convincing.”

Heechul then joined Park Shin Hye at the front of the classroom for a demonstration, and the actress taught him the correct timing for turning his head away as if he’d been slapped. She added, “If I toss my hair forward at the same time, it looks even more real.”

As Lee Soo Geun waited on the sidelines to add a sound effect at the right time, Park Shin Hye and Heechul proceeded to act out a fight in which she pretended to slap him with all her strength. To make it even more convincing, Heechul pretended to have his hat fly off from the force of her fake-slap, and the cast and crew marveled at how real the scene looked.

Check out the clip of Park Shin Hye fake-slapping Heechul below!

You can also watch the young Park Shin Hye in “Stairway to Heaven” with English subtitles here:

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