SBS To Edit Out Hong Ki Joon’s Scenes In “Hyena” Following Drunk Driving Incident

Update March 10 KST:

The production team behind SBS’s drama “Hyena” have decided to edit out scenes including Hong Ki Joon.

In a statement released on March 9, SBS apologized to viewers and stated that due to the serious nature of Hong Ki Joon’s drunk driving incident, they have come to the decision to edit out scenes which included him in the drama moving forward. “It is appropriate for us to retake and re-edit the entire drama,” SBS said. “However, due to the fact that the entire drama was preproduced and Hong Ki Joon finished filming his scenes before the incident happened, there may still be some scenes in ‘Hyena’ in which Hong Ki Joon will still appear so as not to affect the story.”

The statement continued, “There is also the issue of the preproduced drama being edited overseas, and the contract for those overseas editors has been pre-paid. While we, the production team, will do our best to minimize the number of scenes so that the flow of the drama is unaffected and viewers are not made to feel uncomfortable, we ask for your understanding as inevitably some scenes will still need to make it to broadcast.”

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Original Article:

Hong Ki Joon’s agency addressed his involvement in a drunk driving incident.

On March 8, KBS reported that Songpa Police Station dispatched officers at 11:20 a.m. on March 7 after receiving a report that a driver was sleeping with his car parked in the middle of the road near Macheon Crossroad. The police found Hong Ki Joon sleeping in the driver’s seat, and a breathalyzer test showed that his blood alcohol level was high enough to warrant the cancellation of his driver’s license.

Hong Ki Joon told the police that he drank in Jongno, and the police sent him home to call him in later for further investigation.

On March 8, Saram Entertainment confirmed the news was correct, saying, “Currently, actor Hong Ki Joon is deeply reflecting on his actions. He came home early in the morning and is waiting to be investigated. He will faithfully undergo [the upcoming police investigation]. As his agency, we apologize for the trouble he has caused.”

Hong Ki Joon previously acted in SBS’s “Stove League” and is currently starring in SBS’s “Hyena.”

A source from “Hyena” shared, “The producers’ official statement regarding Hong Ki Joon, who was found drunk driving, will be announced some time tomorrow.”

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