Former Girl Group Leader Shines On Stage For The First Time In Years On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the March 8 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” a new crop of challengers competed for the chance to take on the champion.

The second performance in Round 1 was between “White Butterfly” and “Tiger Butterfly,” who sang Ra.D’s “I’m in Love.”

After their performance, Yoon Sang said, “Both singers prepared an amazing performance. White Butterfly had an inner force, but Tiger Butterfly had a familiar-sounding vibration.”

Kim Hyun Chul added, “I think differently. I think that Tiger Butterfly is someone more recent. I voted for White Butterfly, because I think they’ve sung much more than Tiger Butterfly. They brought out the details in the song.”


In the end, Tiger Butterfly advanced to Round 2 with 78 votes to 21. After singing Kim Wan Sun’s “Pierrot Smiles at Us” as her solo performance, White Butterfly took off her mask to reveal herself as Son Ji Hyun!

Son Ji Hyun was the leader of 4minute under her former name of Nam Ji Hyun. After 4minute disbanded in 2016, she changed her legal name and now promotes as an actress.

She said, “I feel both refreshed and regretful. This is the first time I’ve been on stage in a while and I know I could’ve done better, so I do feel regrets.”

She added, “It’s embarrassing to say this myself, but I was in charge of visuals in our team. It wasn’t easy to start over from the beginning [as an actress]. It’s been hard, but I’m also proud of myself.”

Son Ji Hyun later posted on Instagram, “Thank you. It was a day when I went back and forth between being nervous and having fun. When I look back on it, I can only remember the fun and the gratitude I felt. Despite the danger of coronavirus, the weather is getting warmer. We will get through this.”

Check out an episode of “The King of Mask Singer” below!

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