UNIQ’s Sungjoo Announces Military Enlistment With Letter To Fans

UNIQ member and actor Sungjoo is enlisting in the military.

On March 9, he shared a photo of his new short hairstyle and posted a handwritten letter to fans.

HIs letter reads as follows:

Hello Unicorn (UNIQ’s official fan club name) ~! This is Sungjoo

How are you all doing these days~?

I wasn’t able to tell fans ahead of time, so I am leaving a letter like this.

I am enlisting in the military! [The date is] March 9.

Our Unicorn fans who have always loved our UNIQ from beginning to end!

Unicorn who always gives us strength to be courageous like a ray of light whenever we are having hard times, I love you.

Each of us are doing our best in our individual positions.

Please watch over us and show support!

Be well while I am in the military~!

I will also be well until I return!

Everyone be healthy and happy while I am in the military.

I will also be healthy and happy until I return~!

The next time we meet, I will return as even more of a man~!

– From Sungjoo

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Wishing Sungjoo a safe service!

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