Go Kyung Pyo, EXID’s Hani, Lee Si Young, Uee, And More In Talks For MBC’s New Sci-Fi Project

MBC’s upcoming project film/drama crossover project “SF8” has an exciting lineup of potential leads, including Go Kyung Pyo, EXID’s Hani, Lee Si Young, Uee, Lee Yoo Young, and Yeom Hye Ran.

“SF8” is a series set in the near future about people who dream of a perfect society through technological advancements. The project is a Korean original sci-fi anthology series for which eight film directors are creating their own works, each 40 minutes in length. The directors include Kim Eui Seok, Roh Deok, Min Kyu Dong, Ahn Gooc Jin, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Jang Cheol Soo, and Han Ka Ram, and they’ll be tackling subjects including gaming, fantasy, robots, big data, disasters, superpowers, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Actor Go Kyung Pyo is being considered for the lead role in a work titled “You Can’t Be In Love After a Week” (literal title). Directed by Ahn Gooc Jin, the work is based on the novel of the same name by Kim Dong Shik, which tells a story set a week before the destruction of Earth, when people with superpowers come together to try to develop a bomb to destroy an incoming comet. Go Kyung Pyo’s agency told Herald Pop, “Talks are underway. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Lee Yoo Young and Yeom Hye Ran are also both positively considering appearing in a work called “Nursing” (literal title), according to their agencies. The work is based on the short story “TRS Will Take Care Of You” (literal title) by Kim Hye Jin, which is about a nurse robot that has to make an agonizing decision over which of its clients to save.

Uee has also been confirmed to be in talks about starring in one of the works in the “SF8” series. Her project is a romantic comedy about a man and a woman who meet in a virtual reality and then continue their love story in real life as well.

Lee Si Young is positively considering starring in the project “Blink” (working title) for the series. If she takes the role, she’ll appear as a detective who teams up with a newbie partner that’s an AI, and they link brains as they hunt ghosts.

EXID’s Hani is in talks to star in director Jang Cheol Soo’s project “White Crow” (literal title). It’s based on Park Ji Hye’s short story “Save Coronis” (literal title) about a broadcast host who appears in a virtual reality game during a live show and becomes stuck in the virtual world. It’s described as a mix of genres including VR, gaming, fantasy, and horror.

MBC has partnered with the Directors Guild of Korea and streaming service waave for this new project. The directors’ cuts will be pre-released on waave in July and MBC will broadcast the original versions in August.

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