Ha Yeon Soo Receives Apology From Person Who Sexually Harassed Her Online For 7 Years

Ha Yeon Soo has received an apology from a malicious commenter who has been sexually harassing her for the past seven years.

On the early morning of March 13, Ha Yeon Soo stated via Instagram that she was going to sue an online community page from Naver Cafe and posted several screenshots that contained malicious comments and sexual harassment remarks.

Later that day, the owner of the community page apologized to her via direct message, saying, “I am not a fan, but there were many bad comments, so I went too far to change the subject. I never understood people who posted malicious comments and sexual harassment remarks, so I am so ashamed and sorry that I acted like them for a moment.”

After receiving an apology from the owner of the community page, Ha Yeon Soo wrote to the public on her Instagram account, saying, “I am reading all the comments of sympathy, support, and criticism that you sent me in my post about suing a specific cafe page. I sincerely thank you for giving me the attention at such early hours. Earlier this morning, I released a malicious commenter’s message and suggested they they appear on my YouTube channel. Rather than suing them, I wanted to talk to them. I also wanted to ask if they would like to take this opportunity to stop sexual harassment.”

She continued, “I do not know their face, nor do I hate them. But this is the first apology I received in seven years for these acts of sexual harassment. I wonder why I didn’t get an apology until I declared I would sue them. Rather than filing a complaint, I’d like to think about how sexual harassment can be eliminated. Thank you very much for reading this long post and for your warm support.”

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