“Heart Signal 3” Responds To Accusations Made About Cast, Including Link To Burning Sun, Bullying, And More

The producers of “Heart Signal 3” have denied all rumors regarding three of the show’s eight cast members.

On March 16, Channel A, the producer of “Heart Signal,” shared, “The producers have spent the last couple of days looking into the truth behind the issues regarding our cast members. These claims are different from the truth.”

After the cast members of “Heart Signal 3” were revealed, posts arose on online communities accusing some of the members of problematic pasts. One female cast member was accused of being a school bully, even causing one of her aviation classmates to drop out because of her harsh behavior. The post containing the accusations was first uploaded onto an anonymous community that only people in the aviation industry can access.

A former model and retail businessman who’s joined the cast was accused of having connections to the CEO of the club Burning Sun and the granddaughter of the founder of a major company. The accuser uploaded photos of him at Burning Sun and shared that he is close friends with Hwang Ha Na, former Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho, and YouTuber Haneul, who has been accused of being a school bully.

Originally, representatives of “Heart Signal 3” responded to this claim saying, “Although he could have gone to the club, we know that he is not associated with any of the rumors. We cannot confirm the truth of the sightings,” explaining that they could not officially look into the private lives of their cast members.

Another female member who was a veterinary student and a former contestant on SBS Plus “Supermodel 2018” was accused of school violence. On March 14, the accuser took to an online forum to say that the cast member had targeted a wide variety of classmates and was very shamelessly promoting in the entertainment industry.

In their official statement, the producer of “Heart Signal” Channel A denied all claims. Their statement reads as follows:

The ‘Heart Signal’ producers have spent the last couple of days looking into the truth behind the issues regarding our cast members.

We want to let you know that these claims are different from the truth.

For one member, we tried to discover the truth through the original post, but it was deleted and is nowhere to be found. As a result, we confirmed that the accusations were false through representatives of the school and those who came forward as the victims within the rumors.

For a different member, on top of their own account, there are many testimonies coming out from former classmates denying this claim. We are currently looking for the writer of the original post.

For our non-celebrity cast members who are trying to return to their normal everyday lives at work and school, this could become a scar that they cannot recover from. We earnestly ask that you read posts regarding our cast members with some perspective.

The producers feel a large responsibility regarding the various issues associated with our cast even before the broadcast. We will try our best to create a program that does not disappoint our viewers.

Following their official statement, one of the original accusers came forward with a different post, criticizing the media for reporting their claim as false. They shared that what they had written in the original post was the truth of their victimization and that they were ready to endure any kind of legal action in order to prove their word. They also added that Channel A had made their statement without consulting them, calling their perspective incomplete.

“Heart Signal 3” is set to premiere on March 25.

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