Sung Hoon And Kim So Eun Share Honest Thoughts On Dating And Marriage

Sung Hoon and Kim So Eun spoke about their love lives.

On March 18, the actors participated in interviews to promote their upcoming film “Are You in Love.”

This romantic comedy centers around a mysterious book that offers answers to all questions about love and the fate of two young people that magically changes after coming across this book.

Sung Hoon portrays a cold-hearted tsundere (seemingly aloof but shows a warm-hearted side) café master named Seung Jae in the film. When asked his dating life, he began, “I’ve decided on a concept for myself. If I answer ‘no comment,’ people who see that will make their own judgment. I’m contemplating because it might also sound arrogant if I answer that way.”

He continued, “It’s not like I haven’t dated and I thankfully haven’t been asked that kind of question when I was dating. It made me wonder if I should honestly say that I’m dating. It’s not like I’m an idol and there shouldn’t be any harm if I was to date, so I wondered if I need to answer. I’ve never been asked this question when I was actually dating, but I currently don’t have any desire to date.”

Sung Hoon further revealed, “I don’t have any desire to get married.” He added that he’s currently studying English with his father and his father told their English teacher about his hopes for a grandchild. “I told the English teacher [to tell him] to quickly give up on his dream,” said Sung Hoon. “I said that if they have the ability to do so and like children, they should adopt. I don’t have any desire to get married right now.”

Kim So Eun also shared her thoughts on this subject. In the film, the actress appears as a part-time café employee working hard towards her dreams.

“I want to date too,” she said. “There are good and difficult things about it and I currently don’t feel confident enough to endure that yet. I want to date when I have more self-confidence. I think I’ll date when I love someone so much that I get into the mindset of wanting to take on the difficulties too.”

“Are You in Love” premieres on March 25, and will be available on Viki! Check out the trailer here.

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