Kim Jong Kook Is Caught Off Guard By Middle School Student’s Tearful Proposal On “I Can See Your Voice”

A middle school student surprised Kim Jong Kook with an unexpected marriage proposal on “I Can See Your Voice”!

On the March 20 episode of the Mnet variety show, one of the contestants was a teenage girl who described herself as being either a vocally talented “high school student who had come to meet Shin Seung Hoon” or a “tone-deaf middle school student who had come to meet Kim Jong Kook.”

After watching the contestant perform a beautifully sung cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” the celebrity guests were tasked with figuring out whether she was actually a talented singer or just a tone-deaf person who happened to be a pro at lip-syncing.

In the end, it was revealed that the young contestant was a tone-deaf middle school student who had come on the show to meet Kim Jong Kook, her celebrity crush and one of the program’s main MCs.

The middle school student then flustered Kim Jong Kook by tearing up as she confessed, “Kim Jong Kook is my ideal type. I applied to the show and came here because Kim Jong Kook is [a host] on ‘I Can See Your Voice 7.’ He’s so handsome.”

She went on to declare, “I want to marry Kim Jong Kook. Oppa, please wait for me.”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk responded by pointing out with a laugh, “By the time [you’re old enough to get married], Kim Jong Kook will be over 50 years old.” Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook replied, “Thank you so much. I’ll definitely invite you to my next concert.”

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